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  1. Fixer , If I read this correctly are you the owner/leader of the 740 units ? If so is there a forum for the 740 prospective members to chat with each other on the subject and possible get togethers to form up ?


    Thanks in advance my friend !



    1. fixer


      i transferred to you click manage militia and add a forum or chatroom

  2. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. OHMM 3rd Brigade covers the central and southern Ohio regions https://www.facebook.com/groups/OHMM3RDBRIGADERECRUITINGROOM/?ref=bookmarks

  4. Thanks mymilitia.com !after looking for a while I have found a home in the OHMM 3rd Brigade !!

  5. Hamburg , Ohio checking in !!

  6. Just hanging out , checking in !!

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