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  1. Dylan I for one have been trying to help you and everyone else for years now and you know that. If I know there is a unit established or even under construction in any county I direct people looking for a "home" to those units - no matter who they belong to. If people are in another county where I am not or one of our units are not I do what I can to get them up and running on their own whether they want to join us (they still run themselves), they want to be independent or they want to join one of the other groups. The only people I can think of that would be "poaching" recruits as you call it are those who are just getting started and trying to own areas or the State which nobody owns any county or area in the first place. There are at least three or four organizations who have zones, districts and such that overlap each other and I agree that's not really productive but it's also something the rest of us can't control. As I've said many times to you and others I would love to see every county and even every town or city with it's own unit, it's own patch and a Texas flag above that patch being the one thing that binds us all together. You talk here about staying in your own county and I assume your talking about Smith County, that's great and I will send anyone there to you I can, I know there is at least one other person recruiting for Smith and other East Texas Counties so if you and he are not on the same team that has nothing to do with me or TVM, we haven't had anything East of Fort Worth in a few years and are not looking to, we will help people if they request it though. Again as I've said many times, I'm not in this for my ego, I'm not any this to command anyone or control any areas (not even where I live), I'm in this for the people and patriots of Texas, I'm here to help you and anyone else, not to fight, squabble, argue or anything else. Let's work together as you say and make Texas strong like it should be. -- Stay vigilant and God Bless.
  2. I'm Roy Voss of the Texas Volunteers Militia, home unit in Young County with other units nearby and other counties in the State. I also assist other Texas Militia groups and patriots in finding each other, been doing this a long time and as always I'm looking for people who want to be active in whatever roll they can fill within a unit and also getting the Texas groups to work together side by side. Thanks and you can find me here or on Facebook.

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