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  1. Texas volunteers Militia, Brazos Rifles, Young County (North Central Texas) mewe.com - Texas Militias and Patriots {The place away from Facebook}
  2. Those of us who have been doing this in Texas for years now have been saying these same things but there have been too many "leaders" more concerned with retaining their position of "command" more than forming networks of communication and organization that would help make us all s stronger force. I'm in North Central Texas about 100 miles west of Fort Worth, get something set up and lets all get together the way we should be. Roy Voss CO Texas Volunteers
  3. Hello my Brothers and Sisters, I just wanted to check in and let anyone who cares know I'm still around and doing the same thing - just not on Facebook anymore. I was one of the many who got erased from that platform at the end of August so I've kind of taken a month off from the social media circus. I am on three other platforms now (mewe.com, libertyrush.com and magabook.com) although I prefer mewe.com over the other two. I have a Texas Militias & Patriots group set up on each one as well as one for the TVM of course so find the rest of us on one of them. I hope everyone is prepared and
  4. Dylan I for one have been trying to help you and everyone else for years now and you know that. If I know there is a unit established or even under construction in any county I direct people looking for a "home" to those units - no matter who they belong to. If people are in another county where I am not or one of our units are not I do what I can to get them up and running on their own whether they want to join us (they still run themselves), they want to be independent or they want to join one of the other groups. The only people I can think of that would be "poaching" recruits as you call i
  5. I'm Roy Voss of the Texas Volunteers Militia, home unit in Young County with other units nearby and other counties in the State. I also assist other Texas Militia groups and patriots in finding each other, been doing this a long time and as always I'm looking for people who want to be active in whatever roll they can fill within a unit and also getting the Texas groups to work together side by side. Thanks and you can find me here or on Facebook.

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