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  1. 1.2.21 JESUS CHRIST!!! seriously ... JESUS CHRIST!!! We MUST END THIS AND STAND UP AND STAND OUR GROUND!!! "The New York State Assembly proposed a bill to detain “disease carriers” the Governor deems “dangerous to the public health.” Do you know what this means? This is literally ILLEGAL DETAINING...WITHOUT COMMITTING A CRIME, NO CHARGES, NO COURT OR TRIAL, JUST SIMPLY DETAINING...AND THAT IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS BEING JAILED FOR NOT COMMITTING A CRIME! This is ILLEGAL!!!! JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE...wake up...this is NOT going to ever end!!! It is only going to get more and more sever!!! Everyone of you people who EVER said Trump is a Nazi....wake the fuck up!!! Who the hell does this shit EXCEPT NAZI's....and Trump is against this but the DEMS ARE FOR THIS!!! It is the Dems that are the NAZI's!!! If you don't stand up and fight for yourself and your freedoms....THEY WILL ALL BE GONE, ESPECIALLY IF BIDEN IS IN OFFICE!!! This is NOT just at the federal level...it is also at the STATE, COUNTY AND LOCAL LEVELS!!! Fight or lose EVERYTHING!!! And don't be an idiot thinking you can do this by VOTING....you a fool if you do, they shown that they will rig the voting so the "win"...AND WHO IS IN CHARGE OF VOTING...THE DEMS!!! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/new-york-state-democrat-lawmaker-propose-bill-detain-disease-carriers-governor-deems-dangerous-public-health/

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