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  1. 1.8.21 Well folks, here it is, the beginning of LOSING OUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! They have been saying for about a year this would happen, not from our government, that is too obvious, but through media outlets! No-one wanted to believe it, but yet, it has happened! One option, use your BROWSER in your phone and go to "DUCKDUCKGO.COM" search engine, and then search for Parler, just like you would at your home computer! You do NOT need an "APP" to get to a page on your phone!!! Another option is get an OPEN SOURCE phone, one that uses LINUX. They are pricey, but hey, what did you pay for your I-PHONE??? This is cheaper!!! A third option, just follow Parler on your home computer (and STOP USING GOOGLE!!! ESPECIALLY "GOOGLE CHROME"!) Use "DUCKDUCKGO.COM" instead, and make it your default BROWSER! A fourth, just get ride of your cell phone. It's a tracking devise anyways!!! And do not let your kids have a phone!!! This is one way that they brainwash your kids!!! People born before 1990 grew up without a cell phone and we lived, it can be done! CHINA uses cell phones as a TOOL on its Citizens! They do not have cash, everything is threw their phones...ALL MONEY/PAYMENTS/TRANSACTIONS; IDENTIFICATION; and TRACKING! When you have to show ID, you show your phone! I know 3 people that have been there "teaching" English to school kids! Why do you think there is a big push here to be reliant on your cell phone??? You watch, next they will push CASHLESS!!! Where do you think GOOGLE PAY, and APPLE PAY came from? This has been developed in CHINA (where your phones are built) well over 10 years ago!!! People with CASH are free, or at least more free. If you do not have cash, and you do not do what they want or like, THEY FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNTS, and then what do you do without a way to pay for anything??? THEY GOT YOU!!! And just think BIDEN IS NOT EVEN IN OFFICE YET!!! What do you think it is going to be once he does??? Seriously....start connecting the dots here folks!!!! And I have to say it because it seems like no-one thinks of it...SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/breaking-apple-threatens-ban-parler-unless-enact-draconian-censorship-policies-demanded-big-tech-oligarchs/

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