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    *IS THERE REALLY FREE ENERGY???? The Short answer is YES!!! There is UNLIMITED energy that fills the Universe, Einstein called it the ETHER, Tesla called it "radiant energy" or "the energy of the universe" Others call it Zero Point Energy.This energy, if safely tapped, can supply unlimited energy for mankind to use. If we tap this energy is it free? Well no because it must drain a little if used, BUT if you consider this energy is SO VAST that it does not matter, it's like taking one drop of water out of the ocean, did you remove some water. YES, but its really imperceptible. MANY inventors tapped this energy, Tesla , Moray and others, but they are always suppressed, ridiculed, attacked and worse by the greedy industrialists that want to benefit from energy use and charge you for it. ON the other hand, tapping this energy can be HARMFUL if done incorrectly and there are many EVIL people and groups out there who could and would use it to harm or control others. THIS is the issue that governments all over the world have to wrestle with.* #freeenergy #freepower #freeElectricity #tesla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf6aizMgn2M

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