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  1. "Yes, we know that Military Times also posted that bogus letter from the Joint Chief of Staff. Hello! The Military Times is a propaganda site…and why is the FIRED Mark Esper prominently featured throughout the article with this fake letter? Betsy says, it’s starting to look like Esper and Gilday (more on Admiral Michael Gilday below) are working in tandem to push out propaganda to the troops for the purpose of running their coup against the United States. Here is the propaganda pushed at Military Times:"
    1. Justin Case

      Justin Case

      "In addition, the content of the letter is suspect for, at least, the following reasons. It made numerous conclusions of law which are outside their scope, like “the rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition and insurrection”. These conclusions are legal, not military, and would not be stated recklessly like this since the evidence has not been gathered yet. In paragraph #5, they are drawing conclusions of law about the election which are not in their authority about Biden becoming their 46th Commander-in-Chief. Have you ever seen a committee of any kind act in such a lock-step manner? This is PROPAGANDA meant to confuse the military news consumer! Signatures reflect carefully cut and paste preparation and would have had to occur with all these folks in the same room, using the same color ink pen, and at a time when President Trump was traveling. We show below three versions of the “release” with creation dates between 12:59 est and 18:39 est. — seven and one-half hours! To get signatures on all these separate versions meant our highest group of military leaders just hung around drinking tea for over 7 hours! The Joint Chief of Staffs work directly for the President and do not give political opinions.

      Conclusion: British SERCO and QinetiQ have almost full access to all U.S. military sites. It would be quite easy to just place the document into Joint Chiefs’ archives without anyone noticing. Then, do a more formal, official looking posting on the USNI “independent, non-profit” to fool the unsuspecting."

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