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  1. We apparently need a vetting process to circumvent being labeled as domestic terrorist! To those federal agents, you took an oath ladies/gentlemen to protect the citizens and to protect and uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! You see where our country is headed! Cease and assist please!
  2. Don’t engage unless you’re committed and don’t commit unless you plan to engage!




  3. Zello ID 1DOCSTRANGE 


  4. https://esp10.com/production/click/9907fab50bbc696f12ea5f9a636880b4/5f54f2585dee4f9791d316100d51a8d0/3766bea8725f24568e356ee7a5346443/aHR0cHM6Ly9nYXRkYWlseS5jb20vY2xhc3NpYy1maXJlYXJtcy1sb290LWRyb3AtZ2l2ZWF3YXkv/0ac5c8dcea446a869764b1b87921450a
  5. Is it my understanding that the walkie talkie app zello is to be used for individual and group communications? If so please add me 1DOCSTRANGE
  6. Well my name is David Strange (yeah, yeah go ahead make them original). I studied martial arts in my youth and when weapon forms were introduced I took up nicely with bladed weapons. My uncle Doctor Strange joked about the fancy blade work and said I’d be the second DocStrange in the family. I guess it just stuck. BTW my son’s names are very and always and my wife goes by I need some...!
  7. Thank you sir! Still trying to get my feet wet. I read excellent patriotic speeches and yeah most of them light fires, which are needed in social media to attract other like minded patriots. The fire inside of us was stoked and bellow winded at our arrival. I hope to hear from someone soon about a meeting/training hey this McDonald’s coffee is HOT. We need to look up public emails for celebrities that support 2A and outspoken against the left and seek donations to potentially fully fund a unit. The second pic is new Ink.
  8. Thank you sir I’ll be giving them a once over!
  9. I’m looking for 9mm. I helped some elderly neighbors out with tools and now a little short.
  10. Happy Freedom Friday!



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