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  1. Yes. I am looking to go Up State New York. Maybe around Fishkill.
  2. I am in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. I want to move out of New York City, soon. I am a Right-Wing Patriot.
  3. Ignore the Governor. I live in New York City. I never wear a mask.
  4. It absolutely is! Just look who wants us to wear masks and social distance. Look who shut down all our businesses. It was Democrat politicians.
  5. I looked around there. There is really nothing going on.
  6. I live in Brooklyn, N.Y. I am looking to move Up State soon. I would love to meet anyone on this site.
  7. Is there anything going on in New York City for the 4th of July?
  8. Is there anything going on in New York City for the 4th of July?
  9. I live in New York City. I want to move out of this Liberal/Leftist hellhole. Which communities are good Conservative Christian places to live, that are around one hour to one and a half hours away from the City.
  10. I already knew this. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are both corrupt politicians and Bill Gates is one of The New World Order leaders. Fauci is working for The New World Order.
  11. I am a New York City resident too. I support President Trump. The one problem us Patriots have is that we are not organized.
  12. We need to organize. Not just Militia, all us Patriots. We need to have a huge rally, in the streets. We need to wear the same color shirts, preferably red. When the Progressive Liberals and Leftists show up to fight us, we then fight them and beat them. We should keep doing this until there are no more Progressive Liberals and Leftists around.
  13. Enough is already enough. We have one main problem, organization. We are not organized. We are more than half the population.

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