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  1. I was arrested by the FBI three weeks ago. They raided my house. They put everyone in handcuffs. They searched my entire home. They charged me with threatening over the internet. I suggest you all continue to write how you feel politically. I am not sorry for what I wrote.
  2. Ok, thank you. Let me find it. By the way, I love the governor of South Dakota, but, what is her stance of the Corona virus vaccine?
  3. I live in New York City. I am going through a lot here. I'm an only parent, I'm unemployed, and I was just arrested. I know I may have to get out of New York fast, especially if Biden wins the Presidency. I am looking at Wyoming and South Dakota primarily to relocate to. If there are any Patriots on here from there, please get in touch with me.
  4. Basically who my enemy is and that I will kill my enemy in a Revolution/Civil War. I think it was because I spoke about The New World Order.
  5. I would go, but I can't leave New York City right now. I was arrested three weeks ago by the FBI. I am not allowed to go out of New York until after this is resolved. I will never give up however. I will fight for America. I will die for America. I fear nothing but God. I don't want to live under Democrat, (New World Order) rule anyway.
  6. And I will never give up. I will fight until I win, or I am dead. I am a Christian.
  7. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately I live in New York City. I will move but everything is extremely hard right now. I am out of work. I can't buy a house without a job.
  8. I am watching our side file lawsuits against Democrat politicians all over the country. This is good, but we need to do so much more. We need to either start a new Party, or get the Republican Party to organize us and get ready for war. It looks like the only way this will be solved is by a Revolution/Civil War.
  9. There has been so much corruption by the Democrats it isn't even funny. Trump should fight this all the way. We need to organize and support Trump and absolutely refuse Biden is our next President.
  10. All us Patriots want is a normal good life. We don't want Socialism, Communism, or islam. We are freedom loving Americans. We are Capitalists and Constitutionalists. Conservatives and Liberations. We will fight for our country. We will kill our enemy, or die trying.
  11. The New World Order wants to kill millions of people from any country they can. From what I can see, they will kill mostly Americans since they will rule America.
  12. Yes, but, if Trump wins, we have the military, National Guard, and police, on our side.
  13. I agree with you, but, you are a little to much with the Feminists thing. The New World Order people are all men. They are multi billionaires. They want to depopulate the world.

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