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  1. How’s it going 

    1. t0nytiger


      what’s up man. it’s going OK, I am very busy these days. I drive a semi truck through all this chaos and deliver supplies the stores. On top of that I’ve been posting on my Instagram vigorously and nonstop about this whole scam that’s going on in main stream media and the world. So lots of researching, lots of working, and I’ve been trying to organize with individuals To get pamphlets made with information people can use that the main stream media isn’t saying. On top of that I’m trying to join the militia LOL so lots going on.

    2. MikeAll


      Same here, although I don’t drive anymore. What’s your IG I’ll hit you up. 

    3. t0nytiger


      my ig is t0nytiger, the o is a zero.

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