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  1. Welcome to all.... The 'New Mexico Civil Guard' and the Texas State Militia' is having a joint training exercise , on sat May 23rd,

    12 miles southwest of Vado N.M. All are welcome Some are overnight so it can be two day event.

    Please message me for details or questions.

  2. I was wondering what types of commitments and expectations the average militia holds for its members. Would a militia even entertain taking on a new member who has little to no training in fighting, survival and other such tactics? Any help is appreciated.
  3. https://londonreal.tv/unmasking-the-lies-around-covid-19-facts-vs-fiction-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic/?utm_source=webnotification&utm_medium=pushnotification&utm_campaign=push_2_kaufman
  4.  Welcome Aboard** Hope to meetup sometime soon

  5. Thank you. Forgot to mention I am married with 5 little boys 13 and under. I have approximately 2 months of storable food, 1 month of bottled water on hand for my family. Also have various other supplies like batteries and lights, propane stove and fuel, fire starting options, water purification options and basic first aid and meds.
  6. Been red pilled since the 2016 election. Just got my concealed carry license, 2 pistols, 1 AR and a few thousand rounds. Very worried where the powers that be are trying to take us. Looking into joining a organization that may be able to resist. I live in El Paso but don't know where to start. Any advice is very welcome. Thank you all.
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