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  1. The "Auxiliary" is crucial... Not sure what groups are local but support in the form of intel, logistics, or even just a thanks all help morale.
  2. https://www.oann.com/fbi-busts-three-self-described-boogaloo-extremists/
  3. There is what it should be, and what it is... What you describe is what it should be. However reality is different. The right to keep and bear arms is infringed by almost every state, every day, yet no court will find that those infringements are depravations of civil rights. Many state and local governments are getting around that pesky constitution by closing business under health regulations... lets face it, if the courts allow a city to condemn a property and declare it unfit for habitation (folks trying to live off grid) then shutting down a business for public health reasons will easily be allowed. I don't think you will have a court that will find much differently. The few successful applications of 18 USC 242, and 42 USC 1983 usually involve a crooked cop that so blatently abused his powers that it just couldn't be ignored. Here is a link with typical 42 USC 1983 claims (similar to 18 USC 242), and how the courts very narrowly defined what constituted a violation: https://corporate.findlaw.com/litigation-disputes/typical-section-1983-claims.html Das.
  4. A few years ago I wrote a commo manual. Link is here: Signals handbook for small teams Volume 2 is still a work in progress. Might give some ideas
  5. DasBlinkenlight


  6. I wrote this handbook a few years back: http://citizenmilitem.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/SignalsVOL_1.pdfSignals Handbook Volume 1 Apendix A may have some relevant info for you.
  7. Follow up... it looks like the shooting happened a month ago... I haven't found any links here, but if this post is a dupe, feel free to delete. more related links: http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/news/2020/mar/25/suspect-lay-bleeding-floor/
  8. Note, I have no personal knowledge of the events listed in the below article, nor can verify that the deceased is a member of this site, however the article seems to indicate it: Police officer fatally shoots suspect in Potomac
  9. For low light... lasers show the opponent where you are, faster than they help with targeting. There was a study done a number of years ago, that found that when you put a laser on a pistol, the shooters were slightly slower, because they were still looking for the dot, instead of firing as soon as they were on target. Lasers are a good tool in a few situations. when you are unable to get a good "normal" sight picture. Examples include K-9 handlers, ballistic shield carriers, when wearing a gas mask, etc... (It is the same reason that I.R. lasers are used... the NVG's make it hard to get the NOD in good sight alignment, so lasers help)
  10. Of all of the presidents mis-steps, this concerns me least. Every single president has pardoned convicted criminals, all the way back to George Washington. Guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. It is a power outlined in the constitution, article 2 section 2. The president exercising his constitutional authority doesn't bother me. Him being "chief law enforcement officer" is a bit off... technically he is the chief law enforcement officers boss... They are both part of the executive branch, of which the president is the head of.
  11. From The Columbia Daily Herald: Maury County’s avid proponents of the Second Amendment stood before their commissioners this week, calling on them to oppose any laws that would restrict a citizen’s right to bear arms. In return, the county’s safety committee unanimously approved a resolution to become a Second Amendment sanctuary that would not enforce regulations placed on it by the state or federal governments. The commission will vote to formally pass the resolution later this month following the resolution’s unanimous approval by the committee. If the resolution is passed, Maury County would become one of the hundreds of municipalities across the nation that are taking a similar stand. From here: https://www.columbiadailyherald.com/news/20200205/maury-county-to-protect-gun-rights-with-concern-about-red-flag-laws
  12. A while back i wrote a handbook for tatical comms for small teams. (Still working on Volume two) It is a free download here: http://citizenmilitem.com/?page_id=176
  13. Yup... On PP. Had a TMCO Class from Doc Meade when he was with SI. Good bunch of people.
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