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  1. Rahuba admits on his personal website, disinformationartist.com, that his ultimate goal is to “exploit conservative bias and fear” by planting disinformation online. While Rahuba had initially kept his trolling a secret, his identity was revealed earlier this year after the Washington Post found that he had been behind a fake antifa campaign to hold a flag burning ceremony at the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvania.
  2. My question is, with most modern web services using HTTPS, and secure apps like signal and telegram, even being the access point that traffic goes through gives you limited data... Would love to see more details on how they giot from encrypted traffic to users, to get an idea on the authenticity. As an aside, the "picture" looks like the data visualization tool Maltego, which is not cheap... typically beyond hobbyist level stuff ($999 per year, plus subscriptions to third party data providers... can quickly get to several thousand dollars per month) Pro level stuff if legit.
  3. Unfortunately, it is most likely NOT TRUE. for a number of reasons: DHS has no say in state election ballots, and has no way of legally circumventing their (Mostly Democratic) secretaries of state. Each state does balloting their own way, and that is why we are seeing ALL of these differences in handling, etc... I'm also fairly confident that if this story were true, the Trump campaign would be broadcasting it from every outlet and orifice possible, would be tying lawsuits to it, etc... and we are seeing none of that happening. Time will tell. (but don't get your hopes up f
  4. Short version of the attached analysis... The rumors of China arming Antifa/BLM, etc have NO factual basis and seem to be a fabrication used to drive web traffic (and thus get ad dollars) to certain websites. Vetting.pdf
  5. They really won't like this guy: LArs Anderson... he has rediscovered war archery that works:
  6. This intel report is from ForwardObserver.com Because the FO crew is a few guys trying to give us good intel, for a living, I would highly recommend going over there and subscribing. You'll get briefs like this daily, as well as other good analysis, and it is cheaper than a box of ammo. I received this same brief, and it was headed with the following in the email: I support FO, and encourage every one of you to do the same!
  7. We are sort of working on that distinction with The Civilian Defense Force The mission, is to work locally, and help people protect their communities... and it needs folks of all stripes... Not just people who tote guns, but lawyers, docters, and little old ladieds who can run a bake sale to help out. In fact, I believe "community defense teams" is one term that has been discussed to describe some of the effort. Check them out
  8. nothingburger... Yes it is in coordination with FEMA... that is so they can get federal funding... They are repurposing facilities to house the homeless populations with some "social distancing"
  9. or ---- 4 ---- Idealocide... destroy or degrade the bad ideals that are shifting the Overton Window to the left. it is not an easy task, but nothing lasting ever comes easy. We have to retake and remake education, media, and destroy the mechanisms that allow them to flourish. (how to do that without becoming the very monster that we fight is the real challenge)
  10. Michael Forest Reinoehl, an antifa supporter, died when law enforcement went to arrest him, four officials said. From NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/03/us/michael-reinoehl-arrest-portland-shooting.html?smid=tw-share
  11. This one was analyzed a few weeks ago... there have been a few counterfiet rings busted, and a few trying to make a buck by avoiding regs... The listed link... Was 10,800 takedown pins. Buy them for a buck a piece, sell for 12 each... profit... problem is since they are a "firearm part" there is red tape that hikes up the import price, that the importer didn't go through. The only thing nefarious with that story is greed. No links to Antifa or BLM.
  12. https://abc7chicago.com/fbi-chicago-warns-that-gang-cabal-may-be-targeting-police-officers-/6397730/?fbclid=IwAR3nVIqd7CMzWpEhIhQiWiZzn5FBTLqFvSvhRxnZUjyN5HzD_e1K0FMyvfU
  13. I figured he was trying to channel Sho'Nuff from The Last Dragon!

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