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  1. No sir ive never been in military, wanted to until I realized i needed to be on American soil in case of a rise up, im only 23 yrs young, still a lot to learn, to be honest i dont know what my intentions are, I asked God to give me a warning about it all and an hr later i saw a video on youtube that said this is your warning so i clicked on it and the first thing it said was to go to my militia.com, so i did, God gave me the mind i have he gave me the way of thinking that i have and he pointed me in this direction, ive always said im here for a bigger reason then just paying bills and dying and all of this happened, idk the reason im here but while im here i might as well speak the mind God gave me, the reason i am here will come to me later just like the answers always do.
  2. thats a really good point, ive actually said that for a long time too, they know what we are saying they know we can see the entire plan so why not make stuff up to confuse the masses making most sound insane, in reality you dont know the overall plan or what is going on but if you look into youd see that we are seeing it play out in real life, you say theories but its not a theory in any way, A theory is a group of linked ideas intended to explain something. A theory provides a framework for explaining observations. The explanations are based on assumptions. From the assumptions follows a number of possible hypotheses. They can be tested to provide support for, or challenge, the theory. Thats a theory, but there is living proof of the NWO all over the internet, men and women have wrote about it for years, to say its a theory at this point is ludicrous and literally every question you asked about the gov can be answered through the NWO its total population control, you choose to ignore it and call us whatever name you want but at the end of the day you will be proven wrong and i will not be there to hold your hand threw it. We will never experience change because ppl are too distracted on everyday life, following societies path not a care until they are directly affected, that means our numbers will not grow until the gov truly proves they are up no good and that wont happen they are too smart and the plan is too perfect, im just saying dont write it off completely.
  3. I can understand that, I admit I do have one goal in mind, while others see and have different futures and fates, were all destined to be here for something and if what you said is your something then that is beautiful. I agree we need writers, artist to live on, ppl to write history and the truth, ppl we trust to not lie and shame it. We also need warriors and the perfect warrior is a leader, if everyone was on that level we would be unstoppable no matter our numbers as long as our ideas and our heart live on in someone else. Its hard to get a mass amount of people on that same level but we dont have a mass amount, maybe our numbers is our strength. There is strength in numbers but too much of anything can be a bad thing, your numbers can be used against you, even if the group of writers and artist gets corrupted by the enemy. Im sorry I undermined the idea of peace but dont take it harshly I want peace I just feel its impossible. I live my days in anger, angry that i have to live in todays society and live by their rules. Watch everyone walk by blindly and happily get screwed every waking moment. Im not meant to live in that world im meant for something bigger thats why im here on this page, thats why i feel so strongly about everything, I feel God has spoken to me and he showed me this path and gave me these thoughts for a reason just like @ Megatron , I will take fate and reason more into consideration but more people are going to die then anyone can think, I just had a friend pass from the virus, 22 yrs old, younger than me. A week ago everyone in my town ignored the issue and said it was a hoax making fun of people in masks and now my friend is dead, my grandfather has internal bleeding and cant go to the hospital because of the virus, I live in the poorest county in Florida and its in almost every town, this was planted and planned and the only thing that makes sense about it all is if you read agenda 21 NWO NWC one world government. Its coming, I feel its here and it will be devastating. Im happy to be apart of this conversation because it may just be a historic one. Im here for a reason, sent here practically, use me, use Megatron there is a reason we think the way we do and a reason we are here.
  4. Ill go as far to say this, we need to watch out in this group, war is on the horizon everyone needs to accept that now, sitting back w full peace and prosperity in mind will get us killed, the gov does not care about us, they dont want peace, they want money and power, i guarantee they are in this group watching every word we say, might be the man youd least expect, you could be following a corrupt lead for yrs and never know until he leads you straight into the enemy arms, this is a situation where we can trust nobody but need to trust everyone, please stop blowing off the idea of a revolution because it is here if you dont want to fight, if you wont stand up next to me in the face of overwhelming force and fight until your last breath then you dont need to be here, if you want to peacefully protest your way to victory you will lose and you need to go join another group w ppl who want to waist their time and effort, they want us to roam around holding signs over out heads that say "freedom" because its not doing anything, the ones telling you this wont happen and are still denying it will be the ones to turn their guns on you when the time is right be wary of that, it would suck if that man was given lead of the pack, nobody would be able to stand up and talk against him because he would silence them using his power, just like they have been doing.
  5. you have a very good point, both i feel, you have a 1st sgt " oh im sgt your a cpl im smarter than you and know more than you because im a higher rank so were doing this my way" a fake leader, " oh im leading this group and there is a reason for that so i guess that means im smartest so were doing this my way", if you had a real leader to take charge of the situation and put everyone into perspective i feel itd be great but ppl dont do that, they get excited at the idea of being better than someone and the power i feel would go to their heads like it has 10 million times in the past, ppl cannot be trusted w leadership and rank I dont feel in anyway, id be too uncomfortable to follow someone because theyd tell me to go that way and id speak up as to why that wasnt a good idea and he would shoot my idea down because he is in lead and i am not
  6. You are right, alot of us have not been to war, and most here who have are too old to fight in another so it will be up to the ones who have never experienced it, the way i see it we did this your guys way for 100 yrs and look where we ended up, ppl take that leadership and corrupt it, you cant say leave it to the ppl to overthrow the corruption like we didnt do and it wont happen, look where we are, how long we have been held in invisible chains, a leader would be good in a hectic situation but you cant keep corruption away from power, ppl are sick and want to step on the lower one to get higher, what if there was no higher position, were all equal, me, megatron, doug, the black guy, that gay guy, were all children of god and deserve a chance to speak our minds and a modern military denies that fully, the path to enlightenment needs to be done differently this time, we tried it your way, you say it will end it a groups certain demise but i dont see how as long as everyone is equally trained, knows their own strength and keeps their confidence up. you say a military cant move forward like that, this isnt a military, this is a militia, full of civilians and old war veterans ( Thank you all for your service) full of scared women and children, who never thought theyd see the day of war, make everyone a leader, draw the fear out of everyone and give everyone a voice in every situation, if not it will end up like it did now and all of this would be for nothing, there will always be ppl out there in it for money so take away currency and dont tell me it cant be done because we have unlimited resources 60 miles above our heads but everyone is too focused on money and being better then the person next to them, we are given the chance to rebuild this world, just like our forefathers sat in a room and discussed the same things we are now, difference is they didnt have internet, they didnt have privileges like us so they had no choice but to create leadership and call on the french to teach them military tactics, they had no hope, no homes nothing so of course theyd lean towards hope, we have hope, we have the american dream we have home families everything, when that gets taken from us ppl will fight to get it back and they will be better off to lead themselves instead of waiting for that guy to bark orders and hopefully not get us killed, we all get a say before a move is made and if a majority wants to go left there is probably a reason for that, you have trust in your comrades, take the power away from the group and give it to a few men and it will end badly, might get us through the war but 100 yrs from now we will be putting our grand kids in the same position we are in now, we need to do it differently this time. it will be ok i guarantee that, God is on my side he is on our side, we can do anything together as long as we put our minds together, there is no limit to the beauty or destruction we can cause.
  7. Most are bashing the idea of a leaderless pack but to be real you do can the work of 20 men w just a small squad of 3, who is to say it isnt possible, youd lose less men that could be valuable and if you do it right you can make an effect on the field that confuses the enemy making them feel they are being ambushed by a large group and they will act sporadic when you have a small organized group w complete control of the situation, anything can happen in war i feel and if ppl get split up youd rather have men w the ability to survive and thrive by themselves then someone who is reliant on the squad leader and cant think for themselves, not necessarily no leader but everyone is there own leader in a sense, of course action would have to be taken against irrational members but then it comes down to a pack decision, just like everything should be, everyone gets a word in before anything is done, so it is fair and men know what they are walking into, adds a vibe of comfort which would help in a chaotic situation.
  8. Make everyone there own leader, have the back of the man in front and behind you and theyll have your back, let the people lead themselves. I agree w you 100%
  9. It means by peacefully protesting we are doing exactly what they want, you say nonsense, but ive been studying this plan for 10 yrs, 10 YRS i have seen this and now in real life everyday events word for word the plans are playing out right in front of us, im of course not saying go out and yell "revolution" as you shoot up a school or parking lot, the FEMA camps are already here and built there is proof of that and micro-soft just took ownership to a product that is a nano chip for a new currency to help w the falling economy so the chips are also real, word for word agenda 21 is playing out in front of us and they are winning so yes the time to act is now, ppl are too soft and cant think of a world like that so they stray away naturally, if they come in here and cant take someone just talking about a war that is 100% possible do they really belong in a militia? No they dont, was i mistaken when i joined this group thinking everyone was a like-minded individual ready to stand and fight at any time, id rather have someone in my group that will stand with me against all odds instead of run in the face a powerful government, if someone takes this and goes on a rampage they are obviously not using common sense and they dont belong here anyways, what are you gonna do wait for the camps and chips and then say "you know that kid may have been right" because then its too late, your in the middle of there camp playing along w everything they want. would you rather be prepared and wrong, or unprepared and dead and when i say prepared i mean mentally because that will be the death of a lot of ppl, idk how you feel about God but my faith in him is powerful and i feel he speaks to me, not verbally but physically, i can almost feel him, i debate on if this is real w him all the time on if im crazy, or dumb, and i will tell you, i have horrible tooth pain, every-time i deny him, i deny the current events and i try to ignore it i cant walk, i cant eat, i cant sleep, until i grabbed my cross, apologized to him for denying it and said ok i will never deny you again, this is real and in an instant i was able to see straight and my teeth have not hurt since and now here i am on a militia group surrounded by ppl who agree w me, when just 2 days ago i felt like i was invisible, im sorry but that means something, im here for a reason and a great purpose, ive felt it my entire life and every answer god gives me, points to a revolutionary war, if im wrong i will write books about it, but im not wrong, God is not wrong, DO NOT tell me what i say is non-sense and crazy because there are thousands that agree w me and have seen the proof its all over the internet, not hard to find, the new world order 10 commandments, im sorry but it is very real, seeing that a mod said that i see im in the wrong group and i will find my way out before you all mark me as crazy or stupid or irrational. dont want to harm your groups reputation.
  10. Thank you for the valuable information! the convention of states is genius and your right if we would have used it long ago it would have worked and we could have avoided this, but ppl are too chained up by society and money, to the point they see the red flags we speak of but still walk blindly and silently into the darkness created by the Elites, its sad really.
  11. without a single drop of patriot blood drawn, im sorry to say they have thrown their first punch and 67k Americans and growing are dead and this is just the start, i always said their first move would be the deadliest, we are seeing the NWO drawn out right in front of us to the point some of us are practically asking for it, they have already won, the time to stand and fight is now, im sorry to say peaceful protests will no longer do anything but waist our time, in every minute here on out a patriot, a soldier, warrior, someone that could have helped in our ranks dies and we lose that opportunity, the time to wake ppl is over, we are running out of time, soon we will not be able to stand and fight, but what do we do other then sit back and watch the world fall right into their hands, im sorry to say the time for peace needs to end, its time to show them what we the people are truly capable of, this is our land, our country, our buildings, resources, OUR environment, God did not charge anyone for the land he gave us, it is time to take it back by any means, but sitting back doing peaceful marches, having public motivational speeches, its just a waist of time at this point, we need to be looking at the bigger picture and we need to be acting on that bigger picture, it will be hard to do so when the FEMA camps and chips are here, but i feel we will have to get to that world before we can truly begin to fix this one, we have to let them destroy what they created and then we come in while they rebuild their new world and we take it back and build our new world, thing will get worse before they get better, much much worse.
  12. NE FL here, 45 mins out of Gainesville, will do whatever is necessary to secure our freedom and move towards a new world of pure equality, everyone working together for one greater purpose, need to know more about this training and field ops.
  13. To be real, I didnt watch the full video, but hear me out, I did watch most after I watched a video about these two saying, most of what they said is crap, so I wanted my own opinion on it and yes its astounding how inaccurate a lot of what they say is, like it not being nearly as deadly or infectious as the annual flu, there are 30k deaths in america from the flu a year and we have already seen these numbers in 3 months, with a lockdown, with social distancing, and it was after the golden point of the virus which takes place Dec threw Feb (atleast here in FL) we havnt even seen how infectious it is, its literally impossible to say because of it being novel, to say a mortality rate less than 1% is just noneducational, 25k dead in United Kingdom and 1000 recovered, w 170k current cases, 25 times 6 and you get 150, w each 25 you add, you take 1 so take away 6, 6000 ppl out of 150k thats not 6k dying thats 6k surviving and thats w the current numbers going how they have been. im not good at math, so my way of thinking 6 out of 100 is 6% 50 would be 3% so 150 would be 9% right? thats a 9% survival rate in the United kingdom w 3 million cases internationally, everywhere from Iceland to Sri Lanka to Peru, this is such a plannedemic it driving me insane how obvious it is. I couldnt even get threw the video because it was making me mad, atleast he said in California and In New York state, like cmon im a 23 yr old drop out and i did the math on 1 hand and he is saying its like the flu? were 67k dead thats over half the yearly deaths in less than half the time, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing im saying this is all planned and there is a bigger picture at hand right now and thats what we should be looking at. locking down brings economic collapse and still doesnt stop the virus so let see if unlocking will help, its truly laughable. Were caught in a double edged sword leading to the NWO, the one world currency and government, total population control on a mass scale never seen in history, the time to stand and fight is now, I understand peaceful protests but they are no longer working, they want us to peacefully protest because it keeps us busy and out of their way, they have already thrown there first punch and 67k are dead because of it and thats just the start, its time for us to swing, for the first time in centuries, you are currently living in the revolution, you are seeing the making of truly historic moment that will be talked about for a thousand years, now will be the one in history that stood like our forefathers, against all odds an unbeatable force, to overcome and take back your true freedom, or will you be the one the government made to be a pariah, just another fraction in their lies that means nothing but your certain death, I was born for this world, God told me what i wanted to know all i had to do is ask, and he showed me all the signs for the past 10 yrs leading me to this page and this moment, Im meant to be here and the world I have in mind, the world I desperately want to live in is the the world god put in my head, so i could spread my idea in the new world and i can band together w the remaining strong and rebuild this world into what it needs to be. thank you if you read this far
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