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  1. Retired Cop turned preacher speaking out.
  2. Yes I used to listen to her too. but haven’t for awhile. I’ll see if I can find it on YouTube.
  3. Carriedby6 I keep checking here and on chat too, but I am available to do what I can. I understand if we can’t get others involved that it is a mute cause. So sad. Alicia
  4. Where are you from? Our group is in Ohio 330 area our chat site link is on my feed and on the 330 feed if you are near us And interested Carriedby6 is who you need to contact
    1. Alicia


      To everyone in 330 Milita above is 

      our chat web site link that carriedby6 set up for us.


  5. Sorry Carriedby6, I still have not received email from you with chat invite.
  6. Carriedby6 I did not receive chat invite yet.
  7. Hope all you dads out there have a great Father’s Day tomorrow.

    My dad and husband and son have all left this earthly plain. But I am grateful for my Heavenly Father.


  8. “what can the righteous do If the foundations be broken down?”

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