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  1. I am on there as Alicia send me the needed info to connect with you and our group
  2. Swamp fox You can cuss me if You want. I am not a fanatic. I’m just asking a few questions. I am not promoting guerrilla warfare. I see reality as it is and not as I want it to be. I do not go looking for trouble, but Neither will I cower when it comes looking for me, I will stand my ground and not bow down to this insanity they are trying to force on us. I am sure each of our days will come individually, they are using the corona craze to make sure of it.
  3. When tyranny becomes the rule of law. What can you do but become an outlaw? The FBI and CIA are corrupt to the core as well as most of our politicians. We the people have been sold out without a doubt. There is no law and order only tyranny on one side and anarchy on the other. Those are the only choices they are giving us. So please someone tell me what can the righteous do if the foundations be broken down? I refuse to bow to this NWO, for life is not so dear nor peace so sweet at the high cost of satan’s slavery in this horrific beast system they are building around us. Look a
  4. When President Trump condemned the Proud Boys, it was very discouraging and disheartening. And I wondered if he was in it with the globalists to destroy America. You know the old game of bad cop, good cop, playing both ends against the middle. But Biden and the demon rats are surely traitors to our Constitution and part and partial with the globalists. We can’t vote for them that is for sure. But we need to realize we might have no allies apart from We the People and God Almighty. The whole world may be against us. I place my trust in no man, been burned too many times. I
  5. Let me know what you decide.

    I am only on this site and Parler now. Deleted all the other chat sites.

    1. carriedby6


      Hi, I am starting again, will give email soon...  thanks!

    2. carriedby6



      I can be contacted here:  [email protected]


      Thank you.

    3. carriedby6


      If anyone is serious about getting together in the near future and converse about current events e.t.c...

      please contact me here:   [email protected]



  6. Retired Cop turned preacher speaking out.
  7. Yes I used to listen to her too. but haven’t for awhile. I’ll see if I can find it on YouTube.

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