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  1. True, it matters what motivates your ability to reason. Most people rationalize in the vanity of their own minds instead of the reality of life. Without absolute truth to guide us, there is no sound reason.
  2. Bravo for a real man with courage that knows how to fight and be right and protect those that are vulnerable to vultures and thugs.
  3. My inalienable rights come from God, not the government or a leftist lawyer.
  4. I will not consent to this tyranny or comply with it. Like Tom Lapity says, ”don’t jump in the river and not expect to go down and under in the water fall. “Submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7
  5. Yes it certainly is a means to manipulate the masses with fear so they will comply with the Orwellian edicts. And wearing a mask shows your fear and your compliance to their agenda.
  6. Just in case anyone was wondering if they should wear a mask 😷
  7. 5 doses of vaccines when I started school. And I Never have taken any flu shots or any other vaccines since then. I had measles and mumps and chicken pox and survived them all. I certainly will not be tested or take a vaccine for covid19. My body my choice as the abortion loving left likes to say. If they can murder a baby in their womb. I certainly can refuse a vaccine.
  8. My cousin saw over 50 of these drones down close to Daytona where she lives. I told her the same thing. Use them for target practice. 😉
  9. Just added 100$ to your fund through pay pal, hope it helps.
  10. Something to celebrate ❣️

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