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  1. Troy Sutton Sir

    Welcome aboard!

    Mike Hackett

  2. A call out to recruit Militia CO's for 8 counties in W.V. as follows: Pendleton, Hardy, Grant, Mineral, Hampshire. Morgan. Berkeley. Jefferson. If you live in any of these Counties, are prior Military or Police back round or have leadership skills and are not currently attached to a Militia Group, And have a desire to lead, we are looking for Commanding  Officers in these 8 Counties. You can reach me if you are interested at the info. below


    R-CO Michael Hackett


    [email protected]

    USFM Area 3 Section 1


  3. Yes let us celebrate our independence day. and remember all those that have given the last measure of devotion,the cost for independence and FREEDOM. GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN. /// GOD MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    No photo description available.
  4. I loved the time I spent at the veterans reunion, and flew a couple of times in the old Huey UH-1B that was in service in Vietnam for 10 years. Even tho vet's returning from nam, did not receive the Honor and the respect that thy deserved, you would be hard pressed to not see the Esprit De Corps and natural affection thy have for each other,and country. This is why we celebrate veterans day and memorial day,thy gave,and some gave all. I want to thank Mike Holbrook and all those that made this reunion possible,it brought me back to those days so long ago. Semper Fi OOH-RA.



    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      What an extraordinary opportunity. I'm glad your trip went well, Sir. Your pictures are memories of a lifetime. We'll catch up as soon as things slow down for me. When things have slowed down here lately, I have no internet. When I have internet, I'm too busy to use it, lol... But it'll level out.

      Tal;k soon Brother... This was an awesome trip.

  5. Hi Sir,

    You may be interested in a new post I made today.



  6. Mike Holbrook Served as a Huey UH-1B Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam having pulled 3 1/2 tours in country. He continues to serve his country and his state as the POC of the W.V. Oath Keepers, and heads up the Logan County chapter of Oath Keepers. Mike also owns and operates MARPAT Aviation at the Logan County Airport. He has held a Veterans reunion for the last 6 years, this year it is being held June 23-28 th. @ Logan County air port 6L4 in Logan W.V. Mike said there will be full air crews and choppers flying in from all over. So if you are an old vet. that would Love an opportunity to fly in one again,here is your chance, bring along friends, family. You can also check out Oath Keepers or other Militia contacts. This will be a great time of making new friends,and contacts.


    1. Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      This would be a great time to get some face to face time with not only Militia, but a lot of veterans. Get valuable info for times such as this. Hour for hour this will be time very well spent.

    2. Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen sr.

      Sounds like an excellent recruiting opportunity

  7. Hi Matt, hope things are quit in your area. Riots in Winchester Va. about 40 miles east of here. My son will have to watch his 6 tomorrow, as there busing in paid antifa ,and other provocateurs.




    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      I've heard the same thing about the bussing in the mercenaries here in my county. I have a feeling it's a rumor. But we'll have to see. Stay vigilant, brother. Check in later.


    2. Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      Yes,thinking the same thing



  8. Hi Matt,


    If I understand you in your resent response to Megatron that President Trump is ineffective do to his being encircled By the deep state, then I agree, how ever he has been appointing deep state operatives to post in his administration ever sense he entered office. Take for instance AG William Barr, look at his history, and the fact that nothing has happened with indictments,and in the last 24 hrs Barr saying that President Obama, and Biden will not be looked at, It sure looks like a cover up to me.

     It seems to me that we are at a point in time that these deep state actors have committed multiple acts of treason, with the intent to overthrow a duly elected President of the united states. In reference To the oath that I took, it states against all enemies foreign and domestic. Having said all of that, I think that President Trump could enact  Aritcle 2 Section 2 of the United States Constitution.



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    2. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      I never thought about a rebuild. I think that when America falls, it will be to global;ists and a one-world government. When that happens, the rest of our history has already been written.

      I think we either win this fight and regain control of our government, or we lose to globalists until Someone steps on the scene to intervene, not for America, but for the world.

    3. Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      You are so right,in the end game we win.



    4. Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      Hamphire Co. Patriot group

      You make me LOL. I love your tactics when you are addressing issues of the third dimension. Semper-Fi Brother



  9. Anyone following the topic: ( Educate the public ) can take a good look of what influence to change the mind looks like. Check it out on face book at my page:  Hampshire Patriot Group.



  10. Sir, You my friend influence people every day. I do not know you yet, however we have something in common, we are patriots. No man can know another mans heart, only God know the intentions of the heart. Every time you change your mind, or make a decision, you have been influenced by an outside source. If you feel Lead to do anything good follow your heart. If you want to see a great example of influence, check out the first post on my face book page at : Hampshire Patriot Group. Mike
  11. Megatron Sir, I think you have a great idea. To influence as many Americans as possible helps to our end cause. Mike
  12. Sir,


    Welcome aboard,


    This is a great network, and a great bunch of guys. A lot of talent here.



  13. "I prefer dangerous FREEDOM over peaceful SLAVERY" -Thomas Jefferson So based on this video,I guess that means 70% prefer slavery. Now I know where thy came up with 3% that took up arms during the 1 st. revolution. Mike
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