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  1. Welcome Aboard! Good to see another sailor. I've been working on trying to put some things together, both in forming a group and training. Unfortunately there is not a lot of activity on this site as a whole. But I refuse to just give up, at the very least I will prepare myself and my family for the days that all of us hope never comes! Will make announcements on here when things start happening. Stay safe! David
  2. Actually probably a good idea. Then we can further split discussion into various topics as needed. I started a Militia Group page called the Sandhills Minutemen of North Carolina. Just figured it'd be better to have control over a page being more active than the 910 Group. I'll send you an invite, and anyone is welcome to join!
  3. 50 year old Navy vet here (still dealing with VA for some disability for the lack of cartilage in my knees). I was a Quartermaster in the Navy (for you Army guys that's not supply but ship navigation). Definitely not as fast as I was 30 years ago. No training in small unit tactics/field craft, but have been shooting most of my life. I work in the engineering/architectural field (degree in Architectural Technology), and a masters degree in Military History. So my strengths are more towards the operational and planning side, but definitely willing (and looking) to learn field craft.
  4. NathanHale.....wow, just...wow. That is great info and really got my brain going. I am defiantly printing that one out. It is a lot to process, but it is necessary. I agree completely with the idea of having the support and backing of the sheriffs. Also #11, as you put it getting rid of the "M" word. I started the group on here "Sandhills Minutemen of North Carolina". This morning I changed the section "Loyalty Oath" and put in my idea of what this should be (for better or worse). I encourage everyone to read it and if you agree join the group. I know several people in here are planning to meet this Saturday (unfortunately I cannot attend), but I wanted to set a second meeting date for June 6th. Open to ideas of where to meet, would prefer not at a range where our discussion would be competing with rounds going off. Conference room somewhere? Coffee shop, restaurant, library? Those meeting this Saturday, take notes and write down all ideas, and we can further discuss on June 6th. Sound good?
  5. Unfortunately I'm out of town this weekend, then weekend after that (Memorial Day weekend) moving my daughter back home from college. But after that I'm good. Just bad timing with the holiday coming up.
  6. Live in West End/Moore County, work in Rockfish/Fayetteville.
  7. Here's what I came up with to start. Didn't get to the Leadership section (may need some help/ideas on that one): Training List Marksmanship: 1. Gun Safety 2. Gun Maintenance 3. Shooting Basics o Stance o Grip o Iron Sights 4. Range Safety and Etiquette 5. Defense Shooting 6. Long Range Shooting (MOA-DOTMIL) First Aid: 1. CPR 2. Treating/Dressing Wounds 3. Making a splint 4. Heimlich Maneuver 5. Treating Shock 6. Stopping Bleeding/tourniquets 7. Treating Hyperthermia/Hypothermia 8. Treating Burns 9. Spot and Control a Concussion Survival: 1. Land Navigation 2. Shelter 3. Finding/purifying water 4. Starting a fire 5. Signaling 6. Finding food/tracking 7. Prepping (at home) 8. Mountaineering Tactics: 1. Communications 2. Individual movement techniques 3. Fire and movement (also known as leapfrogging 4. Basic drill 5. Contact drill 6. Immediate ambush drill 7. Counter ambush drill 8. Overwatch 9. Bounding overwatch 10. Center peel 11. Patrolling 12. Reconnaissance patrol 13. Ambush Thats it for now...add on anything that comes to mind!
  8. Trying to find the best Semi-Auto .308 MBR and SHTF rifle. And by "Best" I mean reliable in non-range conditions and won't have any to few mis-feeds. I've started searching and have come up with a few possibilities. 1. M1A Scout/Squad or Match - I personally love the look of the M1A in general, but have heard vastly varying reviews, from "worst rifle ever made" (heard it won't hold zero if it gets jostled a lot) to "most accurate ever". So not sure there. 2. SCAR 17S - Heard has alot of misfeeding issues (could be unique to the .556 version) plus it comes with a hefty price tag. 3. TAVOR 7 - Ugly as hell (IMHO) but have only heard good things. 4. GALIL ACE - Love the looks, haven't read any reviews on it yet. 5. Robinson Arms XCR - once again haven't seen a lot of reviews yet. Thoughts? Any additions?
  9. That is a great start to a training schedule! Some other ideas (not sure if they would be own category or sub-category): Land Navigation (Both with compass vs GPS) Communications (Ham Radio, comms traffic, hand signals, etc.) Situational Planning (not sure what to call it, but have plans in place for different scenarios, SHTF, Natural Disasters, etc.) I'm hard pressed to think of any other main categories other than what you have started with. Will brainstorm more and post to compare notes. Also was wondering if it would be a good idea to also have training available to spouses and other family members?
  10. Where are you located at? West End/Moore County here.
  11. I hear you and 100% agree about keeping it local. I actually just started a group on here for the Sandhills area. I can definitely agree that a deterrence for people to join is that distance factor. Plus I believe that people would be more apt to muster/help out in a SHTF scenario if they are protecting their own area and families. And right now I could see cost being a factor with so many people out of work.
  12. I like the enthusiasm, but just a few things. Can we push the date out a bit as it will more likely allow more people to be able to attend (I know I am out of town that weekend). Also, I've never been to Harrison Creek before, but is it an outdoor range? Do they have someplace to meet where we can talk and not have to drown out the sound of rounds going off the whole time? I was originally thinking something like a VFW/Moose Lodge or similar would be great, even meeting somewhere for a sitdown lunch would be good depending on how many could attend. Just some thoughts and open to ideas.
  13. Those are really good points/ideas. I was mainly making the page to get an idea of how many in the area would be interested in meeting, and have one central place to post info for everyone. I agree that it’s crucial to get “boots on the ground”. Thanks for the input, if you think of anything else that could help, let me know!👍
  14. I've been I am going to try and start the ball rolling, I'm going to put together a Militia page on here for people in the Sandhills area. I figure once we get a few people on here, we can meet up and talk things out on how to get this going. I'll post on here once it's up, hopefully by the end of this weekend.

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