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  1. I can't message you. I'm not quite sure how this interface works - but did you create an account (or does the "Guest" before your name mean you didn't? If you didn't I suggest you create an account and then I will send you a message.
  2. PS Just occasionally they do publicize their methods. "The Prince" was one such publication. More recent examples might include "Rules for Radicals", although that's a much narrower work.
  3. No I haven't read, or at least don't regularly read, any of those sources. Please do send me anything you feel would be useful.
  4. I would quibble over your "extremely unlikely" only because I feel that I simply do not have enough information to judge the likelihood of such a thing being possible. It certainly "seems" extremely unlikely - but I am not at all sure that my understanding of the world of geopoltics is based upon actual reality :-). That said I don't think that's the way these people would work in any case. As far as possible they increasingly seem to work through narrative, not through reality. So I think seizing on something like this to advance their agenda is much more like what happened. Or quite possibly they created "the virus" entirely through narrative control. In other words there is no virus - not really - just one of dozens of corona viruses circulating the world and killing off the elderly. Perhaps this one is worse than usual - the type of thing that occurs every few decades - or perhaps it isn't even that bad. And the narrative can be created through control of the media, the statistics, and the lockdown response. And all these interlink together to create a self-fulfilling fabric with the lockdown response itself inflating the death statistics just enough to keep the narrative propped up. And the CCP doesn't have to be part of the plot. They too are controlled by the narrative. The Chinese people react to carefully seeded social media and internet propaganda, and this in turn triggers an entirely predictable response from the CCP who reacted exactly as they always do to any potentially destabilizing event. And remember - they don't risk all that much if the narrative fails to take hold. In that case nobody really notices and they just wait a bit and try again. I think this is a by-product of how control by narrative works. Nobody calls up every mid-level manager and gives them orders. That's an entirely unworkable system in any case. And nor are most of these people even aware that they are being manipulated. In fact in many cases they really aren't being manipulated; they got the job in the first place because they already think like "the group". But occasionally an independent minded individual slips through the cracks, and then when faced with "a narrative", he reaches his own conclusion and doesn't fall in with the plan. If enough people do this the narrative fails. In which case it's time to work on the propaganda methodology and try again in a couple of years. Still, somebody will have marked down the name of the Swedish independent thinker who provided the leadership for the Swedish response, and I suspect his career - at least as an EU bureaucrat - will have topped out. It's also worth pointing out that "the group" will not always be entirely unified. BUT their interests are well aligned. So along comes the virus narrative (whether started deliberately, a seized-upon accident, or a naked narrative), and - the bankers immediately see the possibility for a much-needed bailout - big pharma immediately sees the possibility of selling more vaccines - the deep state sees the possibilty of more surveillance And so they all work together without ever even having to talk to each other - just because each sees his own interest.
  5. Do we even disagree at all? My point was that however they maintain their groupthink, they manage to maintain it, and whether they are one or more secret societies, or just a bunch of people who maintain a groupthink, or some combination of the two, doesn't really matter. I suppose it would matter if the manner of their cooperation exposed different vulnerabilities. My thought process was that our strategy to win hearts and minds should be the same in either case, in which case it wouldn't matter, but I'm willing to hear differently...
  6. There will be no soldiers going door to door to force you to take a vaccine. Because there won't have to be. Here's how it will work: 1. Laws will be passed requiring businesses to check contact tracing apps before letting you in the door. You think this won't work? Try going into a grocery store In most states without a mask - you will be denied entrance. The police will not enforce anything against citizens. Instead undercover "health inspectors" will randomly visit businesses. Businesses found to be insufficiently ardent in their application of the law will be fined, until their ardor improves. 2. Anybody whose contact tracing app indicates that they have been anywhere near someone with covid will be quarantined for 14 days. This will effectively mean that you will spend half your life at home. As soon as you come out of quarantine you will quickly be right back in it. And once your app marks you as quarantined you will not be able to buy food, or got to a restaurant, or work, or ... etc. 3. The only way to turn off the contact tracing app / endless quarantine cycle will be to take the vaccine. See how it will work now? No revolution because there's no-one to shoot really. Hardly seems fair to shoot the poor employee tasked with checking your app before he lets you in the door of the store, does it now? And even if you did shoot him, how do you think the public would perceive that? It might be possible to defeat these types of measures by group action. Fifty people turn up at a store together and demand to be served without showing the app, and just all walk in the store together. Maybe. Or maybe not. Or we will have to open our own food stores...
  7. I don't think it's that simple. I'm not sure centralized "plot" is quite the right word, but I do believe there is a political elite who attempt to direct the world and manipulate events by controlling narratives through propaganda. I have no idea exactly how this elite functions, whether there really is a secret hierarchy (illuminati or whatever other name you care to use) or whether there are just a loosely organized group of powerful people who both struggle for dominance amongst themselves but also work together when they perceive a common interest, and it doesn't really matter. And these people, many of whom may even believe (or at least lie to themselves ) they are acting in the best interest of humanity, are in fact - perhaps by virtue of the fact that they have got where they are as a result primarily of a lust for power - acting in the best interest only of themselves. In short our society has devolved into an oligarchy just like societies always do throughout history. These people control the state, politics, banking, academia, industry, tech and the media. They are responsible for the communist movement. They finance it, they ensure that it is supported by academia, the press, and social media. And they will destroy it (or attempt to do so, for they are always riding a tiger) when the time is right for them. They rule over us in two key ways. 1. They have created institutions (federal reserve, income taxation, regulatory agencies, limited corporate liability, intellectual property, voir dire) to allow them to wield the power of the state to steal wealth, eliminate competition and control the justice system. 2. They control the narrative both to convince us of their value, and to keep us divided against each instead of throwing off their yoke. And these are our true enemies - NOT the communists who are simply foot soldiers they deploy to further their aims. People like the Bushes, the Clintons, Henry Kissinger, Zuckerberg, Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Generals, Agency Directors, Podestas, Murdoch, Bloomberg, Carlos Slim etc. and their equivalents in Europe and the rest of the world. Globalists is as good a name for them as any other I guess. These people are most definitely NOT Marxists, but they ensure that the Marxists are well financed, that the press (which they own) toes a hard left line. That is not to say that the Maxcists are not organized and don't operate as you say. They do - but without powerful sponsors they could achieve nothing. If Bezos wanted the Washington Post to oppose BLM for example, then the Washington Post would oppose BLM. But it doesn't. Why not? And right now I think these people are at a somewhat delicate point in their relationship with the rest of us. Their system of government operates as a giant ponzi scheme, and the ponzi is collapsing. The time is basically upon us when their promises will be revealed as empty - when the pensions and welfare they have promised all of us will fail to materialize. And the consequence of such times can be ugly for these people. Sometimes they get away with it and sometimes they don't. When they don't they tend to pay with their lives. So right now they need an "event", and the event has to do accomplish three things: 1. It has to provide an excuse for the economy crashing - a convenient scapegoat to allow them to claim that everything would have been OK except for the event and that they are not to blame for the fact that all promises had to be broken. 2. Since they know that not everyone will fall for the event, it must also provide an excuse for them to exercise considerably greater control over the population. 3. Ideally it will also divide the population against itself. Queue Covid-19. It is very clear at this point that Covid-19 is no worse than a bad 'flu, and it is equally clear to me that we have been subjected to massive propaganda campaign orchestrated by people who absolutely knew that Covid-19 was not a significant problem the entire time. And yet we have been locked down, the economy smashed, our kids can't play baseball, half of us can't buy food without putting on a mask, and we are constantly being told that we cannot return to normal until we are all vaccinated, agree to contact tracing apps / vaccine passports / digital ids etc. Queue BLM riots. These riots are coordinated across dozens of cities. Rent a mobs are paid for and transported to where they are needed. Leaders coordinate the mobs from the shadows. And again the media controls the narrative and censors all opposition. This takes money and control of the press which does not come from a few hundred loosely organized communists - it comes from the power elite. And of course it conveniently distracts from covid-19 just when it was becoming impossible to sustain the deadly disease narrative and also provides another reason for surveillance / curfews and more police powers (e.g. the drones now flying over Baltimore 24x7). And it sure as hell sets the population at loggerheads with itself. And these people will destroy the communists when it suits their purpose. Or of course the communist may destroy them, for the "elite" are always riding a tiger. But for now my judgment is that our most dangerous enemy by far is the globalist elite, not BLM rioters or even cultural Marxists although those will have to be addressed. But we cannot address the Marxists without first eliminating their gloablists who recruit, finance and manage propaganda for them. Otherwise we will simple face an endless flood of new recruits. This I do agree with. But I don't think, by itself, it will be sufficient. For to be successful we will need not only to defeat communist ideas, but to roll back most of the institutions and agencies of the federal government.
  8. I'm new here, but I would like to add my thoughts. First of all we need to understand what is going on. In my view Covid-19 and these riots are part of the same plot. This is our Reichstag fire happening right now here in America. These are deliberately staged crises which are being acted out purely to justify the response which is going to be full totalitarianism: mandatory vaccinations, contact tracing, digital ID, drone surveillance etc. The purpose of the riots is twofold: 1. To justify the response. 2. To divide the population against itself, with the goal of encouraging us to fight each other rather than unite against the crooks who are orchestrating the whole thing. Black Lives Matter is not a spontaneous movement; it is an artifical movement, created by some very nasty people who couldn't give a damn about black people or Marxists, and it is designed solely to create dissent. It trades on a valid concern (which I would hope that most of us share) about police brutality which stems from the militarization of our police force and the fact that the police have been granted a number of special rights not granted to regular citizens including qualified immunity to prosecution. It is pernicious because its message and proposed solutions are deeply immoral and divisive. Many of the black people who support it could and should be our allies. They are deeply upset by excessive government power and the effect it has on their lives, but instead of rejecting the state they are fooled by the sophistry of the BLM argument. The Marxists and antifa thugs who are being paid to stir up trouble (and any other thugs who might be joining in just for fun or to loot) are thoroughly unpleasant people, and if they got shot by a stouthearted storekeeper defending his person or his property they would thoroughly deserve it. BUT (a) They are not the real enemy. (b) The real enemy is going to put them down at some stage fairly soon anyway. These idiots obviously haven't figured it out, but they are the fall guys. (c) If people like us intervened it would serve the enemy's purpose, not ours. Any action by a right wing militia would accomplish precisely two things: (i) Cause more people to align with BLM further dividing the population. BLM would gain a hundred or a thousand supporters for every Marxist in Seattle defeated by a militia action. (ii) Provide even greater justification in the minds of the general population for the coming totalitarian response. Our fight for freedom will not be won with guns. At the very least it will not be won with guns alone, and perhaps it will not be won with guns at all. It must be won in the hearts and minds of the people. And it is a winnable fight because we have right on our side, and despite all the brain-washing and the propaganda and the endless lies and manipulations and deceits, more and more people are beginning to see through all the noise to the evil at the heart of what is being forced on us. Our enemy knows this and is setting a trap for us. Let's not walk into it. And if we must fight, then let us focus on the actual enemy, not some low-level useful idiots who appear to have barricaded themselves into a six block area of a shithole city filled with people who apparently want them there.
  9. The Guardian was once the intellectual newspaper of the Labour Party (Britain's socialist party). It still purports to be that but - as far as I can tell - now dances entirely to the tune of MI6.
  10. Anybody else planning on making it to the VCDL protest in Alexandria tomorrow? Details on web-site https://vcdl.org/
  11. HadEnough


  12. Just signed up. Looking for a militia to join in northern VA. I live in Fairfax.

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