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  1. See, I prefer the original pledge, for the sheer fact it invokes exactly what he said. The problem with prayer in school, I'm a deist by the way, is that is isn't fairly applied across the board. Norse paganism is making hundreds of strides in the U.S. in a shorter time than Islam due to such politics and religion involved in policy. Just my 2 cents to a more fairly and equal America, because we all deserve every freedom.
  2. Pleasure to meet you, I've honestly lived on the state line the majority of my life. Oh excellent! Let us know how it goes! I know for my group we're using discord for off facebook talks.
  3. Oh excellence! I am the Ohio state lead! I'll join the 740 as well. Trying to get the Ohio AR2 group going, again. Looks like you're someone I need to get in contact with!
  4. Hello all, my name is Jon. I just recently moved to Ohio in the beginning of the year, live across the state line in PA all my life outside of my time in the Army. I'm actually here from another group that has been offered refuge from zuckerberg, here with yall in this website. I'm just starting out with our Ohio chapter and looking to meet yall and talk with you as well. If you'd like to know more about the group I'm with we can be found at Americanrevolution2.org, or I've also started a new facebook page for us, and we also have discord. As for myself, well I served in the Army 8 years as a mental health specialist and later an infantryman. I was medically separated for injuries during a training exercise, always fun to talk about. I'm a political moderate and an Oath Keeper(not the group, just will always keep my oath to this country). Pleasure to be here with yall and I hope you all well.
  5. Hi, my name is Jon and I'm out of eastern Ohio. I just got out of the Army in September after 8 years of service, and I've recently found a group that invokes my oath to this country. Was recommended to also bring our group into this site, since we've been offered a safe home here from the rule of Facebook. I'm part of the American Revolution 2 group, our main page is Americanrevolution2.org and I'm looking to make friends and associates of like minded individuals that may also be interested in our group as well as your home here on MyMilitia.com.

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