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  1. Feeling the winds of change... love making a stand, and making it known. I love my country, our culture, my roots go deep into the south. My bloodline is built for this shit... most my family is ex-military, serving or first responders. DNA lol.  My wife and I are both artists, self employed, work at home, plugged into our community, I see the local folks growing gardens, get'n things ship-shape. I'm grateful to be plugged in with you all, already taken some flack, wheat and the chaff is being separated, even within family. Solid as rock here! ;) 

  2. Well said, I concur. I don't know who to trust anymore, which is why I am here. The moment I told my family I was joining militia I felt the sting of stigma, that highbrow of such vivid concern. lol. What? think for myself? I've lived much in this life, seen much... perhaps too much, was born in a "war zone" in 1965, truly. I know how impossible life can be, I've seen the worst of it and survived it... for real. I'm in the business of preserving life not taking it, all men are created equal,(some not as smart as the other) to bring peace and hope for my children-grandchildren, and not chaos, I pray for harmony not discord. I've been in recovery for 30 years... I get it. The world I grew up in... disappeared a long time ago, my children at least deserve that much. A man is as intelligent as he speaks. I'm here to learn, to be of service and to make a stand for our rights... I believe it's our duty and what we are called to do in times like these. "A government big enough to give it all... is big enough to take it all away," and that is what we are witnessing that today. I'm grateful for like-minded individuals who see the reality of what is unfolding.
  3. Thanks for all the hard work... rest, regroup. I'm really new to the group, spoke with my wife and kids, some family, about joining militia and that look I got. lol. I'm already get'n flack big time. Not my first rodeo. Hope to get more plugged in as time goes on, I have a beautiful chunk of land, would love a get together with some locals and talk around the fire. I've been so damn busy on home front prep'n for winter I have hardly time for much else. I noticed in the news they had a rally in Spokane... were do we get updates to participate?
  4. New here... get'n plugged in. Live in the Deer Park, WA. area Hope to meet up with some of you soon!
  5. Patrick Killian

    Patrick Killian

  6. Good morning... I am interested in get'n plugged in, to make a stand. I am a libertarian, voted since 18, come from military background(my roots go back to Civil War) my father's fathers fathers have all fought for this country. I signed up for Marines at 17, but was to rowdy for them at the time. I am a 54 year old family man, Christian, college educated, 89% Irish with strong ties to my roots... highly skilled with an IQ that sits in 1% bracket of the world, truly. I feel a call and conviction to protect our Constitution my family... Bill of Rights, which is under full assault. I would like to help however I can, I'm beat-up from the feat-up from 25 years of construction work, but very fit. I have been prepping for over 20 years, feel confident my family will do well under any calamity. I have worked hard and long to get to this point. I have much knowledge and wisdom to share. My family lives on a mountain(Porcupine Ridge) and moving towards living off-grid. I have friends who have ties with other militia at a low key at this time. In all my life I have never seen such obvious tyranny... and the sense of being powerless to it. All I know is I need to help more. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of you community! Pek.
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