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  1. Some men offered their blood, other their influence and their words'; They all pledged their hearts, and that's what LIBERTY is all about
  2. Idlestorm. I'm disabled thanks to a teenager texting and driving. Do think for a minute I'm happy about this. I'm angry about this every day there is a storm raging in my body and my mind. So I'm Idlestorm.
  3. If you have Google earth you can see for yourself, it's perfect for what were going to need in the coming months
  4. I live 5 miles West of Athens. Jump in 72 West til you get to Zehner road. Turn left go about 2 miles until you get to 15129 Zehner rd.
  5. Hey, still looking for a place to train? I got just the place in my back yard...all 400 acres of it
  6.  I know a place for us to train. If your interested email me at 

    [email protected] or [email protected]

  7. Hey, 

     I'm asking for your prayers. I suffered a stroke last week. 

    1. Courage777


      My God Be With You, May He Comfort You In Your Days Of Pain and May Keep Your Mind/Heart In Peace

  8. Europe is already experiencing what you just talked about. I have no doubt that you are correct, this "Second wave" as the call it is on track to kill more than the first wave did. We stand ready with our Bama brothers and Sisters.
  9. Answering the roll call Jeff Calvert, Athens, Alabama
  10. hey Jeff, My name is Jeff. I live in Athens.

  11. On December 16th three tornados ripped through North Alabama. Three people lost their lives, and a young man became an orphan within a matter of seconds. I wrote a short story about it and i'd like to share it here with you. Please be kind, its my first time...LOL Flirting with Disaster.docx
  12. Browns ferry Nuclear reactor is 5 miles from my house. Redstone Army Arsenal is 25 miles to the east. There would be no escape for me and my family. We would hold hands, pray, and prepare to die. Sadly but honestly there is no other option for us. Even if we had a 'bunker' or a underground shelter, we would have to dig half way to China to be protected from the blast. After that the radiation for the above mentioned places would make life here untenable.
  13. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/virginia-activates-militia-felony/
  14. I do believe that Nancy Pelosi just fired the first shots of the civil war 2.0 She started off quoting a document she doesn't even support, 'The Declaration of Independence". Watch her news conference from an hour ago.....https://www.yahoo.com/news/pelosi-announces-articles-of-impeachment-trump-144351166.html

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