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  1. hey Jeff, My name is Jeff. I live in Athens.

  2. On December 16th three tornados ripped through North Alabama. Three people lost their lives, and a young man became an orphan within a matter of seconds. I wrote a short story about it and i'd like to share it here with you. Please be kind, its my first time...LOL Flirting with Disaster.docx
  3. Browns ferry Nuclear reactor is 5 miles from my house. Redstone Army Arsenal is 25 miles to the east. There would be no escape for me and my family. We would hold hands, pray, and prepare to die. Sadly but honestly there is no other option for us. Even if we had a 'bunker' or a underground shelter, we would have to dig half way to China to be protected from the blast. After that the radiation for the above mentioned places would make life here untenable.
  4. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/virginia-activates-militia-felony/
  5. I do believe that Nancy Pelosi just fired the first shots of the civil war 2.0 She started off quoting a document she doesn't even support, 'The Declaration of Independence". Watch her news conference from an hour ago.....https://www.yahoo.com/news/pelosi-announces-articles-of-impeachment-trump-144351166.html
  6. I've pretty much stopped watching regular tv. Everything on the networks has been so 'gayed' up that I cannot watch it. I don't condone the gay lifestyle, but its everywhere so its hard to avoid it. That's not todays topic but its the main reason I don't' watch regular tv, I get my news from 'YouTube watch Doug Hagmann show, who puts Steve Quayle and other people who watch the news and tells us what's going on in the world with a Christian spin. yes I said spin. I watch Paul Maguire, GLEN BECK who is ALL OVER THE PLACE in his teachings....much like myself I guess...but my favorite of all of these people is KEVIN SHIPP. If you don't know who he is, go on YouTube and look him up. You'll be following this guy too in just one video. He's a former CIA agent whistleblower, no he's a real one, not like the one that bugged eyed moron in congress is trying to ram down our throats. People, the media has crossed over into radicalisms and its NOT ON OUR SIDE. IMHO we are already at war. You may not believe me and that's fine, but we are. Even that guy from AMTV realizes that......when he's not selling bitcoins....but we are. Pray for each other, Pray for me,, pray for our country.....that's all for today....
  7. I just read that they found him guilty of their made up crimes....We are at war my friend. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/roger-stone-is-found-guilty-in-trial-that-revived-trump-russia-saga/ar-BBWP5gU?ocid=spartanntp
  8. I cannot predict the future. I always watch the Nostradamus shows and sometimes they jive with the past, JFK, RFK, Martian Luther King. Doesn't it always seem that he was accurate when people die, or something equally vague about World War 2. I sit there and shake my head and then i look through Revelation, Isaiah, ( posters note to readers: Yes those are books in the Bible). Two-thirds of the Bible are things that will happen in the future. The old testament foretold of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ sure, but that's not all it deals with. Isaiah 17: 1 foretells of the destruction of Damascus. Its total destruction, which means that it will be destroyed by a nuclear weapon or some other weapon of mass destruction. It talks about the burden of Damascus. Today Damascus is a huge burden. its the capital of Syria, but who is Syria's leader? Is it Erdogan? No President Trumps letter to him that is he keeps doing what he's doing, he'll crush his economy, and reminded him to not be a fool. So he's out....OH wait.....ASSAD. The leader of Syria, that's him right? No, not so much. Maybe in name only, but this clown has been in hiding for years. The leader of Syria is PUTIN. Vlad the mad Putin has been in charge of Syria since the Presidency of Obama. You remember all the "red lines" that he made in Syria, and everyone of them were crossed. So in total weakness and submission to Putin, Obama tells the Russian prime minister "I'll have more flexibility after the election". And flexible he was. He sold us out and made himself a laughing stock. Remember his arrival at the G-20 summit in China? The Guardian recalls it saying," The US president was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to ‘go out of the ass’ of Air Force One". Here's what we think of your leader. Don't you know the Chinese and the Russians had a good laugh at our expense. Well, Putin has made Damascus a burden, but God told Isaiah that 'Damascus will be taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap'. Always remember that God is on his throne, and His will will be done. My next subject will be on Ezekiel 38. As a tid bit before that in the coming weeks, the last verse of Isaiah 17 says , " In the evening, sudden terror Before the morning, they are gone!This is the portion of those who loot us, the lot of those who plunder us." This is for Christians also to remember. those that rob you or try to steal from you, this is their lot as well, they will share the fate of Damascus. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/04/barack-obama-deliberately-snubbed-by-chinese-in-chaotic-arrival-at-g20
  9. Practice makes PREPARED!! Only Jesus was perfect....
  10. I try to catch John B Wells on youtube when i can, mostly his show "Caravan to midnight". He has his own news site and i found this little gem. I used to follow Q but it got to the point it just got to be too much. So today i find this article and thought i'd share it y'all. https://johnbwellsnews.com/ret-general-paul-vallely-confirms-existence-of-q-in-interview/

    The cover photo is my backyard, there are 420 acres with trees, a creek running in the middle of it, and you can see the woods. Check with me about planning a operation here. It has a little bit of everything.

  12. Sophie says "Hi....I don't care"1119345996_hiidontcare.thumb.jpg.4822063

  13. Nor do I believe that rape and pillage is moral or ethical, it will be us who are pillaged. I believe you follow the law, but i'm going to fire back before i read the rules of war. I will not give in to rape and pillage, and will stop those who try. No man knows the day or the hour, but i believe that we will be persecuted just as those in the church of the first century, and lets not forget the disciples and how they met their end. Other than posting my opinion on here or quoting what other conservatives say, I study Bible prophecy, and we are in the end times. Let me say that i'm sorry i misunderstood the way you were coming across. I humbly apologize. How can two walk together except they be agreed.
  14. Sir, with all due respect if war breaks out at home, cultural, ethical, moral and legal will go out the window when that first bullet flies by your head. I'm sorry you thought i was too stupid to understand it This is an OPINION not backed up by facts, hence your own answer "Maybe". Just as my answer is my OPINION. Also you quoted Paul saying that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Well, there's another saying "Don't be so heavenly minded that your of no earthly good. That being said, this world isn't getting any better. If you study and understand Bible prophecy then your familiar with the "Days of Noah". If you read Genesis 6 you'll get a better understanding of what i'm talking about. But with the way this conversation is going, i would imagine that we would disagree on that as well.
  15. Pretty soon, our women may not have a choice either. Also, no, I don't expose those i love to fire and yes i do protect them!! The question is Are women a combat liability? Which means can they do what men do on the front lines. I answered the question as i saw it. If a woman chooses to fight, then let them fight. Can you explain the "Molly Pitcher" story of the revolutionary war? There were men there when she started loading cannons, but yet she stayed and fought and the men let her. Yes, her husband died at that same post, but she jumped in and helped. I'm not going to try to explain cultural or ethical part, because i cannot, the question was asked and i answered it as i saw it......
  16. If she can fire a rifle, use a knife and slit someones throat, then i have no problem having a woman on the lines. Kurdish women do it, and i'd like to believe that our women are the best in the world.
  17. I absolutely agree. The title of this 'section' Political warfare'' is just the beginning. Punches have been thrown, buildings burned, a lady was egged trying to get into a President Trump rally. I'm disabled, but i would have found a way to help those who have been assaulted. The assassination attempt of a Republican Senator, and the assault on the Senator from Kentucky. I'm bad with names so please forgive me for not mentioning them. I believe that the only thing missing is someone firing a shot or a group of shots, to set this "cold" civil war into a "hot" one. BTW I'm a big fan of your youtube channel.
  18. During the cold war everyone was familiar with the term MAD, which stood for Mutually Assured Destruction. With the HOR becoming the second coming of the communist party, and with their attempt to unseat this president (AGAIN); The IG report will finally exploded their already overly taxed (the exact thing they want to do to us) feeble brains. This report hits all the high notes: Obama, Hillary and Bill, Mr. YMCA himself Shiff. Its got everything, The spying on President Trump, who authorized it and who knew about it. The Server, and were not talking waiters here. And much, much more. The Presidential race of 2020 is shaping up to be the most divisive in American history, even the election of 1860 cannot compare to this one. It is my opinion that we are headed toward a civil war 2.0 here in America. This report will be the opening shot. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/doj-ig-report-to-be-released-friday-october-18-and-will-cover-more-than-just-fisa-abuse-video/
  19. I'm not a traitor so I will sign the petition........as soon as i find it....
  20. Nobody wants a second civil war, but i'm afraid that's exactly where we're heading.... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/republican-rep-matt-gaetz-kicked-out-of-impeachment-inquiry-hearing
  21. Hey Drew, Sorry brother. Things are getting weirder and not just in our county.  Ive totally switched a lot of stuff around on my laptop and just got back in here. 

       If there is anything i can help you with, i will.

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