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  1. Arizona roll call.

  2. What say you?


  3. Good afternoon.

  4. How’s it going 

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    2. MikeAll


      Interested in a training session pretty soon?

    3. t0nytiger


      what did you have in min? The thing that sucks is I’m a trucker so I would have to plan this on the days that I’m back in town. Also All I own is a pistol. I got rid of most of my weapons back when I thought I didn’t need them. I’m definitely regretting that decision now LOL.

    4. MikeAll


      Pistol is fine. First session is planed the weekend after the up coming holiday.

      the 30th. 

  5. What’s the word?

  6. Is this everyone?

  7. How is everyone doing today?

    my day is going well.

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