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  1. I emailed the civilian defense force with a couple questions and haven’t received a response back. My question was, is their oath And support upholding the constitution of “UNITED STATES” the private for profit corporation or “the United States of America “ constitution Which protects the people of this land? I’m still waiting for a response, but will prob never get one. I can not pledge my loyalty to “UNITED STATES” corporation as it goes against more core beliefs of life, liberty and property with unalienable (un-a-lien-able not un-alien-able) right from our creator God.
  2. I’m tortured by electromagnetic weapons as well, not v2k but others. It’s behavioral modification experiments carried out by the so called government/tyrannical psychopaths. Nobody will even talk to you about this but it’s real and it’s here. Most of it is carried out by unmanned aircraft(drones) now that they have wireless power transmission that nobody will talk about. Unlimited flight time only limited by the airframe maintenance requirements. That’s what five gee is all about. Try to stay strong and lean on god when it becomes to much to bear. Don’t go to police or anybody, you’ll end up i
  3. The long slow spiraling down the drain, it’s painful to watch. I’m over it. The electromagnetic weapons on unmanned aircraft is nothing short of a declaration of war. Where are the men at? Time to return this country to a livable place, under god, with the constitution and common law, as intended by the brave men and women who came before us. I refuse and will not live in fear, under tyranny by whoever wins the popularity contest at hand. Is there any men out there, who will stand with me?? It’s easy to be a patriot once the battle is over, will that be ur legacy? Please contact if you value living in a constitutional republic

    1. Casca 57

      Casca 57

      Amen brother.

  4. Disappointed to see my countrymen do nothing. The tyranny is in our face, yet we can not muster enough courage to do something. Frustrating to say the least. The surveillance drones are outta control, we live in a prison planet now. No one wants to address the issue, been indoctrinated for way to long. Defending ur oppressors at ever turn, cowardly population for the most part. I am being assaulted with electromagnetic weapons and there is no where to turn to for help. Faking sucks it’s came down to this pathetic situation. Enjoy ur slavery, as I will probably die alone. On my feet tho, unlike most. With uncle sams cock so far down most peoples throats, I can understand why you can’t see what’s going on. I understand why the founding fathers wrote what they did, because they went thru what I’m going thru. And they tried to make it where we didn’t have to go down that path. But we couldn’t even follow the fucking playbook. It’s right there, in black and white. Guess we deserve what’s coming but throughly disappointed in myself, in you, and in everybody that wolfs all the patriot bullshit. Just shut the fuck up already and deal with being a surf. Cause that what we are now. Stop pretending and deal with reality, there ain’t a pair of nuts as far as I can see...  ~~one of the people~~

  5. Where are the 21st century minutemen??? The time has come. This republic will not fall. God bless

  6. Present and ready for duty!!! Five four one646sixonenineone anytime, day or night -don’t fire until fired upon, stand your ground, and if they want war, let it begin with me!! ~~~one of the people~~
  7. Just wanted say hi and introduce myself. Please feel free to contact me

  8. Just wanted introduce myself and say hi. Please feel free to contact me and we can go from there. God bless

  9. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Feel free to contact me and we can go from there. God bless

  10. Just wanted to apologize to any of my brothers or sisters who may have needed to get ahold of me. My place burnt down and have had a hell of a time getting into my accounts without any ID or phone or  any other relevant documents. It’s been rough but I been thru worse. With god on my side and my fellow countrymen/women supporting me, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Just wanted to let anyone who might have wondered what happened, the current situation. I still stand firm, as the brave men and women who founded this country did and the republic will live on as long as god keeps me here. If anyone needs my help or there is something I can do to help, please feel free to reach out. My hand stays raised, put me in coach!!! Just remember what the brave patriots of Lexington church faced and decide what you will do when the red coats come down your street... is liberty worth fighting for or you gonna get on ur knees and cower down to these psychopaths?? They are not going to stop until everybody in this country is in chains, I’ll be long gone at that point.  Col. Parker’s words keep going thru my head and if watering the liberty tree with my blood is necessary to sustain a god fearing, self governing republic... it would be my honor so that our children may see freedom. Don’t fire until fired upon,stand your ground and if they want war, let it begin with me.There is only two ways this can work out,LIBERTY OR DEATH. Hopefully the spirit of the founding documents and people will resonate with you as well and god bless all my brothers and sisters!!! I’m only a call away, sixfoursix sixonenineone (u can figure out area code pretty easily)

    ~~~~one of the people~~~~~~

  11. Sounds great, I am doing a job in applegate most of next week so we could prob meet and have lunch or something at that pizza spot or wherever. Just let me know what’s best for you. Thanks for reaching out, we are gonna need each other here shortly
  12. Just wanted say hello and introduce myself. Steve aka skuba, Central Point/Medford area, would like to get a contact list going and maybe a possible meeting for existing members. The internet goes down, we are screwed and would hate to find myself in that position. Plus would like to shake hands with my countrymen and get to know each other. I will make time whenever is most convient for y’all. Thanks for your support and god bless. ~~one of the people~~~
  13. FUNVAX is the end game, research urself and it all makes sense. Checkmate if we don’t stop it. God bless

  14. The message will traveling at 2850ft/sec and nothing needs to be said. They will hear that I promise. It’s all the cowards that run up there and then put their hands in the air that’s diluting the message. Cowardly trying to be cool kids. Wait till the men step up to the plate. Message will be heard, I guarantee it
  15. CDC is a private company with profits as its goal. They have patents on a lot of these “boogieman” virus’s and solution to fix it. Imagine that. Problem-reaction-solution.... sounds familiar don’t it?

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