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  1. Sounds great, I am doing a job in applegate most of next week so we could prob meet and have lunch or something at that pizza spot or wherever. Just let me know what’s best for you. Thanks for reaching out, we are gonna need each other here shortly
  2. Just wanted say hello and introduce myself. Steve aka skuba, Central Point/Medford area, would like to get a contact list going and maybe a possible meeting for existing members. The internet goes down, we are screwed and would hate to find myself in that position. Plus would like to shake hands with my countrymen and get to know each other. I will make time whenever is most convient for y’all. Thanks for your support and god bless. ~~one of the people~~~
  3. FUNVAX is the end game, research urself and it all makes sense. Checkmate if we don’t stop it. God bless

  4. The message will traveling at 2850ft/sec and nothing needs to be said. They will hear that I promise. It’s all the cowards that run up there and then put their hands in the air that’s diluting the message. Cowardly trying to be cool kids. Wait till the men step up to the plate. Message will be heard, I guarantee it
  5. CDC is a private company with profits as its goal. They have patents on a lot of these “boogieman” virus’s and solution to fix it. Imagine that. Problem-reaction-solution.... sounds familiar don’t it?
  6. I think more passion needs to be shown by all, as in this video. The stakes are high and pussy footin around has long came to pass. Worried about pissing someone off shouldn’t be of concern, worried about goons busting thru ur door should be of greatest concern.weather you agree with it or not, you have to respect the effort and passion this man brings to the table. We need to hear it raw and loud because people just don’t seem to be getting it. God bless to all my brothers and sister out there, call on me when you need help!!! We are in deep shit and need to band together regardless of political views. We can argue politics after the republic is restored.
  7. If I may, suggest watching John Quade 1993 speech (bout hour long with him in a blue shirt at podium on cover pic)that he gave at some convention. YouTube it and you’ll find it. It made a lot of things more clear for me, about the religious aspect integrating into what we are talking about. The law is gods law. You have to pick who you will serve. Serve god or serve ceasar. Really think you would benifit and maybe clear some things up that uncertain about. Just a suggestion that helped me and I’m not trying to push anything on you. Also, I will defend you and any other America unconditionally from all terrorists, foreign and domestic as I swore to. No matter how you decide to continue, you have someone to call on if ever needed. As long as it’s aligned with the Bible and the constitution. God bless and thanks for the response.
  8. Kim, we need to make time to get a plan together as I feel the walls closing in. Whenever is convenient for you, I’ll make time. Sure would ease my mind to make some forward progress on this topic. I can feel it in my gut, not a lot of time left before we are forced to show our hand. That’s if ur still interested in doing ur duty? Thanks for any consideration and god bless
  9. That would be much appreciated and needed ASAP. Please guide me in the right direction and I’ll follow thru. It’s getting pretty deep, I hope everybody’s getting their mind right. I understand my “John Knox “ and would rather die with the rights of god than live with the privileges of man. Jonas Clark said “ I am not sorry, as for this day the world will know liberty” . Education is a must and we need to know and understand why the founding fathers did what they did. Or we will make same mistakes(why we are where we are). We must go back to the LAW. Gods law and no further!!! If not gods law, then who’s? You either stand or you fall. Period. And it’s that simple. Please do not let this republic fall on out watch. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. It’s game time
  10. skubaDOOBA


  11. We just gotta do what we can, whatever that be. To sit and watch this republic be destroyed is awful to watch. I just wanted to get acquainted with people in the area so when shit hits the fan, we can lean on each other. Alone, you will not survive. I’m over here off Blackwell road in CP, if ur ever in the area. Wanted to bounce some of my ideas and thoughts occasionally with someone who isn’t a complete moron and oblivious to the enslavement taking place. Feel free to contact anytime and I apperciate your quick response!! God bless steve 5512929505
  12. Central point/rouge valley area, anyone have contact info for local groop or could have them contact me. Would like to gather with like minded people who value the constitution and this republic, to ensure our children have freedom as was handed down to us. Please get my name on the roster, as I feel obligated to make sure this country stays a constitutional republic. Much love and god bless from one of the people.

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