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  1. Disappointed to see my countrymen do nothing. The tyranny is in our face, yet we can not muster enough courage to do something. Frustrating to say the least. The surveillance drones are outta control, we live in a prison planet now. No one wants to address the issue, been indoctrinated for way to long. Defending ur oppressors at ever turn, cowardly population for the most part. I am being assaulted with electromagnetic weapons and there is no where to turn to for help. Faking sucks it’s came down to this pathetic situation. Enjoy ur slavery, as I will probably die alone. On my feet tho, unlike most. With uncle sams cock so far down most peoples throats, I can understand why you can’t see what’s going on. I understand why the founding fathers wrote what they did, because they went thru what I’m going thru. And they tried to make it where we didn’t have to go down that path. But we couldn’t even follow the fucking playbook. It’s right there, in black and white. Guess we deserve what’s coming but throughly disappointed in myself, in you, and in everybody that wolfs all the patriot bullshit. Just shut the fuck up already and deal with being a surf. Cause that what we are now. Stop pretending and deal with reality, there ain’t a pair of nuts as far as I can see...  ~~one of the people~~

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