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  1. Central east Coasters looking for people to join a group. [email protected]
  2. It works perfectly in my Colt and H&K. That's why I have it.
  3. I have 29 boxes of 9mm ammo, mixed HP and FMJ. After this, it's all gone. [email protected] Central East Coast Florida. Cocoa Beach. CCI Stingers, Velocitors, and High Velocity CCI 22's as well. And more.
  4. Central East coast Florida. Sold my 223. Have 223 and 9mm to get rid of. [email protected]
  5. TY for all your interest for the 223. I will get back to those thru the emails I received shortly. I also avoid selling here for concerns of getting banned, you know, like FB. That's another story. I will send an email out and wait 24 hours for a reply, if I get no reply I will send the next person an email. Please bear with me. First email sent.
  6. Wanted to let you all know, I gave up on my 223, for a 9mm rifle as my primary. Now, I have unwanted 223 but don't know where to go where I can legally sell it. I am central east coast Fla. If anyone can help me out to find a buyer [email protected] Want to dump it cheaply.
  7. I replaced my 223 for this gun. Easier to carry one type of ammo in case I have to bug out rather then carrying 223 and 9mm. Only so much I can carry.
  8. Anyone looking for a Tampa area group or Brevard East Coast group. Seek out Wile Abcjo on facebook.
  9. Lack of leadership. Now, its the beginning of the end.
  10. The problem with Florida is there leadership suks. Tiny groups mostly. Number one thing they talk about is Ham radio this, ham radio that. Your better off finding a small group of people and doing things with them. I have been in group after group after group, and one of the issues were that young men who did a year or 2 in Iraq think they know it all; wants to be leader of the group or they don't stay with the group. Florida Militia is the worst of the bunch. And if people are BUTT HURT for the truth, "read my lips" too bad. And finally, in 20 years living in Florida, I have not found one group I was in last longer then 8 months before all hell is loose.
  11. Who veto's me ? When ? Where ? My phone number Is above.

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