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  1. hi everyone, im a military veteran, ive been through 2 wars or acts of agression as you choose. i served my country and constitution. i am now not pleased with trump or his fascist policies.,,, i live in Dolan sPrings , az. and i am surrounded by folks who hold trump as our savior. I know tyranny when i see it...and we are in the midsts of becoming germany or italy.......musolini was a fascist...hitler started as a fascist and quickly turned to dictatorship.

    my question is how can  help in this time of political crisis? i served my country for 20 years. i ended up with brain damage due to a severe head injury during operation desert shield / desert storm. this is a time of crisis of our democracy for which i proudly devoted my life.

    please someone contact me....im not sure how to communicate via this site.


  2. Welcome Brian! There's a lot of great Patriots on this site, and more and more by the day. Feel free to ask questions. Glad to have you aboard! Stomp, Greerspeary Defense Force "GDF" Navajo county Arizona.
  3. Awesome look forward to getting in touch with you!
  4. Right on man! I am with the GDF Militia, we're mostly in Navajo county. But a few of us are down here in Phoenix. Would like to link up and meet with you guys.
  5. That's a fact man! And thank you for the reply. I'm actually just a little south of you in Phoenix. But I'll send you a message and we'll link up.
  6. I'll send you a message on this site one exchange numbers
  7. Sounds good Rick I'll send you a message!
  8. Sounds good man thanks for the reply! There's a couple of us that are going to head out Saturday morning. Just to go over a couple things and some training exercises ext. Would be happy to meet up with you.
  9. I'm just curious to get some people's thoughts on some of the current situations going on in America.. Such as the virus, lockdowns, NAFC and meet&greets. I know there's a bunch of us in Arizona spread all over the state. And I know a lot of us are grouped together, rather it be small groups or large groups we're all over the state. Not all of us agree politically or religiously, but this day in age we can all put that aside. I know we have different ways of looking at the big picture. But I would like start meeting a lot more of you in person, instead of doing this onli
  10. When I was set a "couple of us" I was referring to the group that I have. I am aware there are quite a few Militia's in AZ and all over the nation. I am aware of laws in Arizona, and I am also aware of all the different links and PDFs and pages. And I would like to get in contact with you. I have reached out on this platform and have communicated with a few. It just seems if you don't have the same point of view it's hard for people to see past that. But people like myself I can agree and work with people that have different point of views cuz we can find common ground. And a lot of people are
  11. Yes, I was referring to just the sidearms with the CCW portion. And that is the exact reason why I started reaching out informing a group in Arizona. Because there are a lot of things that are going on that are just horrible. Things that I really don't want my children growing up in. Being a small group like yourselves in Tennessee, we are reaching out. But there is a lot of squeaky wheels, you can all agree sad for so long. But then it's time to replace it..
  12. Exactly, that's where things get really hard. When it comes to working together State and State. We can work together without physically being there but there are times where it is going to be a must. And there is a big factor of going across state lines I agree with you 100% on that. There are a couple ways around it "legally"! Like for us since if you have a CCW you can always check and make sure that the state you are going honors that CCW. Always check the gun laws in whatever state you are going to! I want it comes down to force on force... You are correct using your rifle is always the l
  13. I have read quite a few of the posts that you've been posting and I understand exactly where you're coming from and I agree with you on pretty much everything you have said. Just putting in my two cents. And yes on this site there is a lot of people preaching just on their keyboards. And the situation that's going on in Seattle. Without physically being there first hand and only being able to see what I see through videos and other media posts. It is a very disturbing situation, but can be handled peacefully without just storming in there guns-blazing....
  14. I agree with what you guys both are saying about how Militia's are supposed to be standing up against tyrannical government! but as we can see in Arizona armed citizens had stood up all over the state and we have not had half of what is going on in other states with these riots. But as the president is going to be here tomorrow,and my family is small business being three blocks away from where he's at. We are going to stand and make sure that nothing happens, because there is no big business in this neighborhood. It's judt small businesses that have been here for over 20 years and people's hom

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