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  1. When I was set a "couple of us" I was referring to the group that I have. I am aware there are quite a few Militia's in AZ and all over the nation. I am aware of laws in Arizona, and I am also aware of all the different links and PDFs and pages. And I would like to get in contact with you. I have reached out on this platform and have communicated with a few. It just seems if you don't have the same point of view it's hard for people to see past that. But people like myself I can agree and work with people that have different point of views cuz we can find common ground. And a lot of people are responding with emotions, rather then fact and knowledge. Which is why I said without being in Seattle I can't say for sure what the correct approach would be. But in Arizona the situation that we're in, and what we are preparing for is different. But I would just like to remind everyone this is my opinion.cuz I'm one of the first ones to say we all need to start working together!
  2. Yes, I was referring to just the sidearms with the CCW portion. And that is the exact reason why I started reaching out informing a group in Arizona. Because there are a lot of things that are going on that are just horrible. Things that I really don't want my children growing up in. Being a small group like yourselves in Tennessee, we are reaching out. But there is a lot of squeaky wheels, you can all agree sad for so long. But then it's time to replace it..
  3. Exactly, that's where things get really hard. When it comes to working together State and State. We can work together without physically being there but there are times where it is going to be a must. And there is a big factor of going across state lines I agree with you 100% on that. There are a couple ways around it "legally"! Like for us since if you have a CCW you can always check and make sure that the state you are going honors that CCW. Always check the gun laws in whatever state you are going to! I want it comes down to force on force... You are correct using your rifle is always the last resort. I have been in similar situations myself and having do draw your sidearm is a very hard decision, and then having to use that sidearm isn't even harder one! And that is a decision that you have to live with for the rest of your life. A lot of us are on the same page. Organization down to the smallest group is what we need.
  4. I have read quite a few of the posts that you've been posting and I understand exactly where you're coming from and I agree with you on pretty much everything you have said. Just putting in my two cents. And yes on this site there is a lot of people preaching just on their keyboards. And the situation that's going on in Seattle. Without physically being there first hand and only being able to see what I see through videos and other media posts. It is a very disturbing situation, but can be handled peacefully without just storming in there guns-blazing....
  5. I agree with what you guys both are saying about how Militia's are supposed to be standing up against tyrannical government! but as we can see in Arizona armed citizens had stood up all over the state and we have not had half of what is going on in other states with these riots. But as the president is going to be here tomorrow,and my family is small business being three blocks away from where he's at. We are going to stand and make sure that nothing happens, because there is no big business in this neighborhood. It's judt small businesses that have been here for over 20 years and people's homes. I'm hoping and praying that everything is peaceful tomorrow. But you never know what'll happen..
  6. I agree100% with what you are saying! And I do agree yes the first shots have been fired. In this day and age a lot of things are done more with a pen and paper. But pen and papers are not working anymore, we have lost ground we have lost territories and we have lost freedom! Things are changing very rapidly in our country. And the best way that we can all start organizing is first on a town or city basis, than a state basis. I do believe all militias can work together throughout each state and throughout our entire country! Because we have to at this point! AND WE WILL...
  7. And yes that's very true militia's have been crack down upon and disbanded over the last couple of years. But now more than ever is a time where militias are called upon! It's time to rally together! I have ment a lot of good people on this site and I know there's thousands more out there! Their voices are just being silenced.. true Patriots are coming out of the woodworks! We all need to greet them with our hands out and a willing to work together! Because we are not all going to see eye-to-eye! But we all are true Patriots and we will work together!!
  8. No, Militia's are here to protect the people from any tyranny, if it's from a tyrannical government or from local terrorist groups like antifa/ BLM.. and in our constitution in this time of need in our country is when Militias are called upon... But in this day in age everybody has put all of their trust and faith in to police and military taking care of problems on and off our soil. But as we can see multiple police departments are finished with this nonsense. Now than ever it is time for Militia's to start unifying and working together across our country!
  9. Update.. As the 23rd is right around the corner, I want to wish everybody a Happy Father's day! And just give a quick update. Seen a couple different articles with a couple different times. And I've also seen that certain groups have a permit to do a protest down Cave Creek rd the same day. I've been in contact with multiple small businesses up and down the street in that area. And many of them are banning together! Now with that being said, there's a lot of different businesses mainly Auto repair in that area. But a lot of these businesses have been here for over 20 years, Including my own families. But otherwise it's just a bunch of small businesses and people's homes. We're going to be setting up at 12:00 at 12614 N cave Creek Rd... Anyone that can make it out we would definitely appreciate it. But I want to remind everybody that we are "Neutral" in this situation politically. We are just there to keep the peace. Message me personally from our questions & info. Have a great Father's day!
  10. Very true but you never know how the media and so-called independent reporters are going to twist the narrative. To fit how they want it...
  11. No I've seen multiple videos as well on a situation, and I never saw any attack on a woman. Looks like he was it self-defense situation. was their wrongs and rights done in the situation yes.. but it looks like that man was being attacked and he defended himself.. but I am no attorney.
  12. Glad to see the truth came out quickly in this one!!
  13. Thank you! That means a lot to hear! and it is true it's very sad how some people parent their children or lack of parenting. It's something that I've never been able to understand. because being a parent is one of the most amazing and honourable things about life! And your children are your future you have to point them in the right path, and show them right from wrong. It doesn't matter on color, religion or sex! Anybody can be a good parent, and I think a lot of people have forgotten that or it's just easier to put them in front of the computer or TV... the social dividing that is taking place due to the media and internet and all their little messages that they push. Very sad
  14. Yes that is one of the biggest things that I taught my kids! Is the fact that you need to always do your own research and realized that there's always two sides to every story no matter how you look at it or who is telling the story. There is a good saying that if you break history down into two words you get "HIS-STORY", and history is only written by the winner. Teaching our kids true history a true meaning of what it is to love your country and be proud of your family's roots! Because we are losing our heritage just like our culture and our Constitution and that is one of the biggest things that we need to teach our children!!

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