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  1. I’m in Fairbanks and need people in the Fairbanks area to respond and we need to meet. Good luck in Anchorage, I hope you have a strong turn out.
  2. Taku lake is in Anchorage right?
  3. If a meeting was planned i would attend. I believe that we are that frog that they have placed into the pot of cold water. They lit the burner and now the water is starting to bubble. It’s just a matter of time and it’s going to cook and before we realized we needed to get out, it was to late! Dark days are coming! They assure us that the economy will recover and that a vaccine will make that recovery possible. They bribe us to stay home with a stimulus check that won’t even pay rent and then they give their crony friends millions of our tax dollars, money they take out of our payroll checks. They tell us to stay home and that we can’t go to church or that our businesses are nonessential! They haul beauticians away to jail while they release illegal, child rapist from the prisons. They have sold our hogs and cattle farms to the Chinese for profits and now our children will be able to experience hunger. I am not a fanatic and do not want to appear as one. I have a great appreciation for early American history and truly believe in the republic that our founders created, based on Christian values, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We should assemble and discuss our fears of the government and the concerns we have for our future. These are basic, natural human instincts that the founders believed in so deeply they made it into one of the cornerstones of our society. It is time that we address these concerns. We need to put the phones and tablets down, turn off the damn video games or streaming channels and gather and discuss our future. It is looking very bleak.
  4. Okay, I see that there are 12 people that are following this site and it seems that all of us are fairly new to the site. Does the group physically meet? Face to face, the way the men of old did. Things are deteriorating quickly and the only way to protect our way of lives and liberty is to physically be united, not virtually. The only group besides the Army that I have been involved in was the Boy Scouts, and neither of those groups were virtual. It saddens me to say that I have lost all faith in our country and the clowns running it. As for the the Great State of Alaska It’s leaders are just a smaller version of the same shit show! They exist only to advance themselves and have control over us. I have only lived here for 3 years and moved my family here with the internet of starting a new life away from the rotten, crime ridden, homeless infested lower 48. Now with corona they are intend to take our way of life and everything that we hold dear. I will not allow the Army or Air Force to inject anything into my body or my family’s body again. Bill Gates with the help of our tyrannical government intend to run our lives. The only way to stop them is to unite!!
  5. Hi, I am 41 married and have 3 kids. I served in Kosovo and Iraq in 2003 as a 13Bravo. My wife and I sold everything we owned and moved to North Pole 3 yrs ago from KC. We are both firm believers in the constitution and our founders values and beliefs on government and liberty. Things are really starting to get out of hand and we feel we need to find like minded people. United we stand, divided we fall. They want us to be divided and look the other way as they shred our constitution and stomp on our beliefs.
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