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  1. 1st: I need to know WTF is up if anything. (I sometimes say FU to a good friend. My way of saying hi.) 2nd: Dude may have set an ambush in advance, if this turns out to be an issue with history. 3rd: Never lose sight of a friend unless it is part of a plan. 4th: You need information or you're just a walking problem. Maybe even in the way of your buddy's plan. 5th: You need to know if buddy is the dumb ass here. (Friends do stupid shit that they need you to tune up) 6th: You don't have any INTEL. Go get some. 7th: By using common sense, even if there is an issue to deal with, you may be able to solve it with a beer. ( My personal favorite, for problem solving amongst friend and foe alike.)
  2. Any criminals here yet? Let me know. You are ineffective until then. Get your OODA worked.
  3. Sounds like something I might say when I was your age. Good on you man. Awesome that you want to branch out and share with others. Just wanted to say hi and encourage you on with the venture. Good luck! Stay uncomfortable. Horsemn.
  4. ReCon. Thanks for the resource. Some really good articles and videos to help with radio selection. I have a Realistic TRC 477 I will be shopping antennas to match vehicle and the base antenna you use looks great but not available at the moment. Will be looking into getting on air so I'll look you up when its working.
  5. I'll have to find a antenna for 11m and give it a try. Any HF work? I'm pretty sure about skip over the ocean but never tried the other direction.
  6. Hey everybody. Checking in. Anyone around Monterey Bay area?
  7. Great information shared here. Thanks. A year or so later I have the Tech ticket and am about to take the General license exam. Bao Feng that I bought for listening before I earned the license is used for just that, listening. Had some complaints using repeaters when transmitting. Still worth the price to get in the door, so to speak. Wouxun KG-UV3X much better and still easy on the budget. Yaesu FT-60 even better. And it can be programed on the fly Love that H/T. Next stop the General class license and something in HF. I'm actually going to have to study for this one. Any one reading this that is looking to take the Technicians exam. Study for the General Class license beforeyou go. You can take the two test for the price of one. Your only chance for that savings of time and another 15 bucks in Ham exam. I blew that one. Thanks to everyone for taking time to comment here. It's all helpful. I will try do do the same.
  8. April 7 2018. Central coast California here. Hows everybody? Stay twitchy my friend.
  9. A Windom antenna: Thanks. [MEDIA=amazon]B0141OTF56[/MEDIA]
  10. Windom antenna? I'm gonna have to look that one up. Seems like everyone has a duel band 2m/70cm. You can get in cheap to start. Earned my tech ticket in the spring 2017 reading post from here. Ready to take the general now. Learned a lot by starting cheap and listening. Thanks to every one here for the info. Priceless.
  11. Great. I'm disabled, so I can meet whenever. If you want to give me a call, my number is 831-566-2236... When you call, if I don't answer just leave a message.. I might be at a doctors appointment. Be sure and let me know who you are... I'm pretty careful about talking to just anyone.

    1. horsemn


      Right on, I got your number now. Delete your #. I haven't been to the site here for a while. I'll call you up. My schedule can be pretty flexible. S.M. Omerta.

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