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  1. Yea fxck this kneeling shxt I will only kneel behind a bush to take pop shots from the trees. I'm only going on my belly to take the prone position to do the same. Give me a break with this seatlle shxt to a lot of it looks staged if real they would all have been taken out by now more main stream news narrative crap know ones buying like covid 19. They just want to do away with cash and track and trace us.
  2. Havn't seen them yet they hide in the day in hotels I'm sure the tax payers are unknowingly paying for. They only come out late at night when were sleeping because we actually got to go to work tomorrow. Many people in this area are armed and out in the day They know they will be shot by people that don't look like they carry. Illinois is a different story than here in Wisconsin. About 3 in the morning they burned some buildings down in my medium sized town the cops did there jobs and arrested a bunch of them days later. The protests are over here now as far as I can see they weren't out there downtown today when I went by. They are mainly staying in Milwaukee now around here. Looks like there sticking to bigger cities for now across the country though they are threatning to go into the country areas. Probly not a good idea for them they shoot in the country and no one will ever find the bodies. I think people in the big cities want to shoot them but know it will just back fire and the mainstream media will just demonize the patriots and the second amendment.
  3. Im in southeast Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Chicago. I don't belive the main stream medias narrative there fear mongering us to think the worse that theres not much time to train any more they may be right they may be wrong but we all need to learn as much as possible quick. I'm working on getting my truck fixed and willing to meet any were in the area soon.
  4. We'll have to take em to the morgue lmao they keep getting released from jail
  5. Hell yea they got more than they bargained for there. Not sure if its true but rumor has it they got shot at by some gangs in Chicago last week. And ran out of that side of town. Some old square but kewl dude on bitchute reported on it.
  6. Yea this is some BS for sure. One of there plans I read which I'm sure they will be trying to do all over the US is they want to make the sheriffs appointed and not elected by the people. It's just Ludacris sheriffs being some of the better branches of law enforcement who protect our constitution.. If that area can't keep control I think its a dumb idea we let those crooked leftist gov in that area appoint crooked sheriffs instead of letting the people chose an elect them. Horrible idea nothing good can come of appointed sheriffs I feel this is all being done for reasons to take more power from the people I am sick and tired of hearing about these "new normals" they want to enforce on us. We all know this is all BS just like covid was. Good video man I got some antique methods for these commies they come in my area.
  7. Thanks for posting that link almost read all of it didn't watch any videos. This is all bad there going to make things worse not better for instance the part of king county wanting to make the sheriff an appointed position instead of an elected position. That's a horrible idea the sheriff is one of the more honest law enforcement sectors that protect the constitution. If not an elected position corrupt factions of the government could appoint some very non sheriff crooked types instead of the peoples choice of a good sheriff. I see many future problems with this if it goes through next thing you know they'll be pushing for this across the country were gov appoints who ever they want in sheriffs office instead of who the people want. If this stuff continues I fear this won't be the only "new norm bs" that is going to be used to control us and take more freedoms away.
  8. My buddy showed me some stuff on twitter last night of feds arresting some Antifa leaders I thought many of them would go into hiding in plain site or just go back to there moms basements and play video games. I wake up today and see things have escalated more wtf. These guys need to be dealt with. I did the opposite of your advice earlier today before I logged in and seen this I was arguing with some leftists that don't like Biden but are voting for him any way tried laying down some facts that he hasn't had a real job his whole life except career politician and making things worse for 40 years for example me and tens of thousands of other vets were took out of the va with out our consent and put on Obama care and they wanted us to pay big money for medical wasn't free at all took me years of waiting list to get benefits at va back until Trump squashed the list and they have to serve vets no matter what. Instead of writing a book right now of all the shady shit every one on this site already knows about Biden I'll end with My arguments on that site have not been published yet it's been 6 hours and my comments are still pending approval. Which is why I quit wasting my time and came on here and a couple of other sites I usually visit.
  9. Tray


  10. Tried to watch video it said video removed by uploader though I highly doubt it was him that took the video down. Big tech too much power again is what I'm thinking. PS Wikipedia is the biggest liar of all don't get rid of your old books and info big tech will have us believe in any thing don't believe me explain how they changed math recently in school wtf I didn't know math could be changed out of all information out there. Back to the books remember ferinheight 451 don't think just by chance the amazon kindle fire main e book tablet was named the kindle fire. I strongly believe facts history books are being changed from original prints and 1 day they will say by accident something wrong happened with the cloud and much of what we know will be erased.
  11. Hello glad to see some like minded people on the internet. Really concerned about whats going on. I was back in raq in 05 we never did find those weapons of mass destruction but were still there don't know why. I mean we all know were still in Afghanistan because there stealing the lithium and other minerals 50 years ahead of time why they have people so facked up on h er oin they don't know there standing on the most valuable ground on the planet. That's not why I'm hear though I'm really concerned that I havn't seen this much fear mongering on the news since 9 - 11 when they told us to be careful the boogey man could be lurking around any corner waiting to get us. Kinda getting more and more messed up when the dxmn president can't send a tweet. I don't participate on twitter or facebook but I am banned from chatting or commenting on you tube. S o are a lot of people. We know why we are being censored but after they finish taking the 1st there coming for the second which makes me fear we are running out of time or I would be out having fun not on computer on a Saturday night. A lot of my friends and family are fearing right now and think I'm a nut. But I have had more than ?s to ask when this whole c ovi d thing broke out and have found many of the answers that have filled a note book and no 1 will read this if It's a book long so I'll try to shorten this up. But when the official gov narrative of this pandemic is go home and watch Netflix and chill. That's suspicious as hxll when they tell me to not come outside and cut my lawn with out a mask on. Wtf is going on why do I have a notebook with the patent for c ovi d in it from 2006 us2006257852 and the vaccine from Europe from 2014 ep3172319b1 granted 2019 Kyron sold to Glaxo smith and klein and I seen h.r 6666 was on a post on this site but what about h r 748 cares act started being written in Jan 2019 that has covid all over it. Or cbs this morning show and other mainstream media out lets aired faked covid 19 drive throughs and falsified the facts and numbers since day 1. I live in wi we havn't had 500 deaths in reality probly less than that but gov evers locks down 6 million people says we are safer starving at home. Now after losing to the supreme court were still on lock down till 27 th or 31st or some shit a day or 3 longer than original order what sense does this make? I worked my ass off to not be in debt and have a crap place in the ghetto and a couple broke down trucks. I been working this whole time all these people not paying there bills or rent little to they know because there all about instant gratification they will have to pay that money back or they will come shut off your water and electricity. They are already talking about cutting electric and water to buildings businesses are running out of that are not essential this is bs they say whos essential. I have to quit ranting but just wanted to add that I'm not a global citizen that together at home broadcast last month all those celebrities should have to go live in the 3rd world a few months no rights or freedoms see how it is and I'm boycotting all those celebrities as well as Walmart and lots of others and I'm sick of these dxmn starve at home commercials to. Last part of rant. We keep giving these guys an inch they take a mile every time we need to start pulling back in this tug of war game. Flatten the curve at hospitals couple weeks now there trying to make social distancing a new way of our lives not theres businesses re modeling there store lay outs over this social distancing crap it wasn't just a few weeks no then it was oh just till we get enough masks and ventilators that kill people were getting em from china, then just a little longer believe in science are you some kind of ww2 denyer get back in your house and wath net flix propaganda, then it was just social distance until we get done securing the old folk homes (sending c ovi d patients to old folk homes with body bags) then just a little longer of lock down till we get a vaccine (that already created that is dangerous as hxll) lock down social distance just a year or 3 you guys will make it with out income that long right we gave ya 1200 bucks but than price gouged every thing you guys will be fine rght. Wtf is going on I can go on all night I'm going to stop though sorry guys no ones going to read this it's Saturday night I'm probley the only dumb fxck on computer right now sorry about the book just glad to see this website in a comment section of some conspiracy fact channel I watch. Thanks aha for binging a good web site to my attention.

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