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  1. come give me a yell on my discord, we have some local activities if you wish to participate in the near future and I would like to have a short discussion with both of you. https://discord.gg/Pex9s5c
  2. These people are looking for leadership and action that will have impact.. They fear going it alone and loosing everything due to this. The ones that don't are zealots, the rest just hover here waiting for a leader. Take them by the hands and give them a direction. Thus far i've encountered nothing on this forum but, We can't, we won't and that's not practical.
  3. Great lets do some public stuff, what would you like to do?
  4. I'm all ears, please tell me a great way to influence large companies that are folding when people threaten to leave them and donating to a cause that is destroying cities? Because its working for BLM and Antifa, THEY are getting funding while we are painted as the enemy, THEY are getting to organize and have rally's and influencing government while we struggle for ways to make impact. Hell maybe just change carriers and tell your old carrier that you left them because of this behavior. They keep metrics tracking disconnect reasons maybe they will start to notice a trend.
  5. Antifa and BLM are being paid by YOU.. Everyone on this forum is paying for them to destroy this county, completely voluntarily and happily. Don't believe me? in Denial? If you have a cellular phone EVERY Major carrier in the United States has donated to this cause.. Have cable, sat, fire internet. All of the major internet companies have done likewise. Do you buy name brand products? Most of those companies have done likewise. Don't think so? Google it for yourself. WE have to start shutting them down DAILY. If you give money to a company that is donating to the destruction of America write them a letter and post on social media that you will not pay for terrorism. Then DON'T BUY THEIR SHIT! You can fight from your sofa if you don't want to fight in the streets. This will take sacrifice but, it will create impact especially if you share with people around you. I KNOW that its scary to take action, I know that cancel culture has you scared, I know that your family and your job are some of the most important things to you and that at this point you feel hesitant to take any action because you fear that it will be for naught. You fear for your safety not from the terrorists but from local law enforcement and fear that your legacy will be erased. The above is an action you can take WITHOUT destroying all of the above. It will take sacrifice but is freedom worth it? I hope to see some posts from people showing me that freedom is truly worth it to them!
  6. Good Morning and congratulations on your new position I hope to see great things from you.
  7. He's already been excused of charges and they are moving on the protestor that assaulted him...
  8. Put up or shut up time ladies... https://www.facebook.com/events/s/american-patriots-retake-the-s/740456910096468/
  9. Agreed only providing some feedback on what is working. I keep reading posts about cut and run and go underground instead of posts getting our names out there.
  10. Consider your direction of travel, at the moment in most states armed resistance is not required. What IS required is bodies, bodies to cover, surround and occupy space on monuments and historical pieces, resisting the destruction or our history and particularly pieces that have good optics nationally would be a positive mark for militias across the nation. What we need are a few victories that our brothers and sisters can see. The Patriot in most men will not emerge until he is desperate then knowing that he has nothing left to loose he will emerge. The true Patriot is a rare man, you can also pull the patriot out by encouraging activity that doesn't guarantee the loss of job, ability to provide for family and destruction of reputation. Resist the enemy passively right now and protect our history while exposing the true nature of their violence and you will produce more and more patriots. If we do not act soon they will erase their shameful history and start teaching the one they want people to believe, once you and I are dead THAT becomes history.
  11. Why in Gods holy name would you start with shooting people? Try starting with counter protesting with your local militia group, ask local business if they would like some help watching their shops and coordinate with local police, hiding solo will result in NOTHING happening (and yes I've started doing all of the above) The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2020
  12. Yeah Apathy is what is driving your desire to sit back and watch a terrorist organization destroy the nation. We are almost enslaved and the actions of the few will be used to push the control further forward.
  13. You can tell we have diluted our patriotism to oblivion with the date of July the 4th otherwise known to free men and women as Independence day is spoken of in Milita groups as July 4th rather than its correct name. sad.

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