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  1. Hello! I can absolutely say that I agree with your post and believe youre on the right track there. My belief in what youre saying is why I am here looking for a militia to train, and run with for the possibility of darker times ahead. Ive sat back and watched over the last 6 weeks as cops have arrested people for peaceful protest, arrested people in front of their children for playing in the parks, and politicians have said things such as "there wont be protesting in New York, ill have you arrested." This is frightening as hell to me and I figured id better find some like minded people now because I am not going to watch this country become destroyed by civil unrest, which is what I fear the most. The government pissing enough people off that rioting and general civil disturbance become a huge thing. I want to protect my fellow peaceful Americans. So thats what I want/feel. Im looking to find a militia group that meets regularly around where im at. Anyone recruiting???

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