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  1. Also I’ll be taking a dynamic handgun class this week so I’m pretty excited about that. Going with 2 friends.
  2. Nice. I have a good friend who’s doing an AR9 build after having shot my NAK9. Lol
  3. Ol boy got arrested. Guess we’ll see if it’s for protection or justice. Didn’t say where he was arrested, I know rumors are circulating he made his way to Florida and a few protestors were there trying to get him.
  4. Always something right? Haha. Fortunately for me it’s just my wife and I. Hopefully this garden can produce something worth while. Soil sucks.
  5. Yeah I’m basically just looking to get a non slip belt to go over clothing. Not one of those huge belts with 4 rows of webbing, hahaha. Something slick.
  6. Ouch, just a bit earlier than myself. I will say I am getting better at navigating through here but it would be easier on a computer, at times. No chickens here but I do need to finish the wife’s vegetable garden this weekend.
  7. Those who bark loudest often have the softest bite.
  8. 😂 Too early to waste that precious substance! I’ll be taking a refill myself right now.
  9. Takes a true keyboard warrior to say they’re incapable of teaching, yet is capable of rambling off big speeches on how someone else is a coward. Perhaps those thousands of road miles have scattered the mind. Or maybe it’s the unwillingness to work with/follow people who have real world experience. I reckon the rail road industry doesn’t necessarily have the best training on warfare or survival. I’m sure we’re all thrilled to learn more from this goldmine of resources. *takes out pencil and paper* I’d go with pen but I’ve got a feeling I’ll need to erase a lot..
  10. Be that as it may, I’m not interested in strutting my stuff in the middle of town. I am however interested in being taught a thing or two if you’ve got a thing or two to teach.
  11. Curious. Has anyone tried recruiting from the Kansas gun community or other pages via Facebook?
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