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  1. I have a question. If I can do this, how do I switch from being a State Militia to being a National Militia?
  2. Cool. Who is this?

  3. Yes. I was trained in marksmanship and firearm safety by my best friend and former GOM of this militia. He's a great man. I also know my own styles of martial arts. I'm quite good at all of them.
  4. Ok. Thanks. Can I change the spelling at all on this site?
  5. Hi. GOM Festus reporting. I love my State. It's beautiful and precious to me.
  6. The finger is mightier than the firearm.

  7. Is it true you ccan be a part of more than one militia?
  8. What does FNG mean? It just replaced Cannon Fodder.
  9. Madison, IN. We have too many anarchist militias here. It makes me physically ill.
  10. I'm the General of Nostically Spiritual Christian militia (NSCm). I'll do that.

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