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My name is Michael. I have lived in Mobile, Al. for 35 years. I am a firearms trainer, Situational awareness and threat assessment trainer. Emergency response work and Hazmat Specialist is my strong point. I have some strong points, that include. Strong family values, strong critical thinking skills, my gift is being able to be one step ahead of situations. My skills are, welding, hazmat and chemical response, confined space rescue and high angle rescue, search and rescue SAR, CERT, firearms and active shooter trained. My family and I are strong willed. My wife is a Special Needs Teacher, she also own owns our lawn care company called Southern Image Lawn Pro's LLC. we are both strongly vow respect to The Bill Of Rights and The Constitution Of The United States Of America. Our hobby's are kayaking, fishing, training and working out. I am here to serve and defend my country and the rights that we received by at birth by God. Country and Family over anything else. In God We Trust.

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