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  1. Facial coverings are required for all Mobilians as on a passing vote today! I don’t understand how they think they can do this. There are people who cannot wear facial coverings because it restricts airflow and it gives them anxiety attacks and they’re also requesting people with oxygen to wear them as well. Failure to do so will result in a fine. There is a reason why emergency first responders who wear respirators are fit tested. No this is not a full face respirator but they still restrict oxygen by 28%. Anyone that wants to do the test should just wear a facial covering and use a pulse oximeter and it shows you at the end, you are well under even with OSHA requires.
  2. Heard the same thing. Here in Mobile, a lot of restrictions are being put back in place.
  3. Hello beautiful.. There trying to mandate facial coverings here in Mobile, Al.
  4. Does anyone know about this? If so, This is a militia site with silent members...
  5. Hey guys, I have been currently looking for group training. I am a member of the Unit 22ndAR.
  6. Pennsylvania... A good friend on Patreon put this out. You guys in Pennsylvania have problems brewing. I have checked the receipts and this needs to be talked about on a state wide level. This could happen in the city you live in. This is direct disrespect to the people who have died for our Country!
  7. A good friend on Patreon put this out. You guys in Pennsylvania have problems brewing. I have checked the receipts and this needs to be talked about on a state wide level. This could happen in the city you live in. This is direct disrespect to the people who have died for our Country!
  8. Looking for people to train with. Anyone available let me know please.

  9. You have nothing to explain. We trust you and understand we are now under fire by the left. Let’s show them who we really are. Patriots Of The United States who don’t tolerate bigotry. We hold up the morals and values of The People by defending the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights. No matter the color. We sure don’t tolerate the actions of violence and destruction and or obstruction. We are The People of all colors, here to do our job and restore peace, love and the Pursuit of happiness. We are here to back you brother! The rewrite of history is upon us. We will not go down in history, We are the People who will keep this ship on corse as, our Founding Father’s wanted for us to be a free Nation. Our Founding Father’s are counting on us to follow the corse for our future. Our future of the children depends on us. First step, put God back in schools and those cowards who kneel for the National Anthem. I only kneel for God, I stand proudly for our Country.
  10. So far we have the guys from the 26th Black Bear meeting in Alabama lower tomorrow. Great group for sure. Is there any other groups that are interested in meeting up and having a day to talk and get to know one another? Alabama is not heavily targeted for anything that I know of right this second, but that may change and we need to have a action plan in place.. I have reached out to a few local men here lately with no reply. I have even tried to get my group CMOSA off the ground and still no luck. Is there anything I don’t know about? Because there is stuff we can be doing and a lot we can be learning about.
  11. What all do you need and where? I’m in Mobile, Al. And will try my damndest to help.
  12. Not bad brother, Welcome. While I’m here is there any way to get some of us together to meet and train. So we can put names with faces and go over the intel in different areas? Maybe a weekend or a video call? At this time I am still certain we have a lot to do. I was speaking to some of the police officers today and we need to review what’s going on because these foolish acts are prepared for daily. It’s hard to take care of something we’re not prepared for as well. I also have a few establishments we could get access to if need be in Mobile. Rooftops etc. for forward Observation.
  13. Welcome guys. Thank you for joining and what are your skill sets?
  14. Maybe but the walk and posture is that of someone with training. Looks like there may be knee pads under the pants as well.
  15. Definitely not a White Supremacist. The way he holds holds his weapon is that of a tactical operator. Now the quick mag means he is ready at a moment’s notice to engage multiple threats fast. I have never seen that done with pistols..
  16. Yea, we use that produce stand. Best damn watermelons 🍉 🥃 for the injecto of the moon shineo lol..
  17. At this time, I believe this is paramount. Reason being, There have been multiple post of antifa has code going all over platforms like Craigslist and other social media. Pensacola, FL. Craigslist has one on there site. You have to look at there social media and put two and two together.. They want to put the middle and high class on there knees.. These guys and girls are tweeting keyboard warriors that look up every thing they need to know about there next target.. Yesterday 06/06/20 at 14:45 witnessed four SUV's with Louisiana plates or no tag with a LA. car dealer. Every SUV full of people windows down. Not knowing i am in my truck you cant see in if you tried. They did not get out when they parked before the "peaceful" protest. The demonstrators were very calm.. But the SUV's... That didn't seem right at all.. The ones i see here either have Bama tags or FL, MS. Never that many from LA. that parked side by side in a parking lot two blocks down from the demonstration. It wasn't a large one but probably around 90-110 people with Police all over the place. So far i know they have been using rentals and heard some arrive on scooters so they can move about faster. We need to be able to muster if needed.. Nothing is quiet right now and that's all over..
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