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  2. Hi im Grant or Bigger Behind the Trigger. I have been in the firearms industry since 1998. I worked at a high end gun shop/ Range where I was the main range officer and I helped with the NRA classes. I sold firearms to some really cool people. I would go out with them and do different drills at our outside range. Unfortunately the Colorado bureaucrats shit the range down. We had a fun house that we did classes at. I also helped with the classes. I'm a true believer in the Constitution and don't like it when the government makes laws that go against it. I have been reloading for 30+ years. I am quite good with a handgun and a rifle. I have been to many classes to learn different techniques. I'm fat but I'm losing weight very fast. About 25 lbs a month. I know I'm not like the rest of you. I'm larger then the average man but I can shoot 1,000 yards and have shot sub moa with my dad. I also am a collector of all types of military firearms. Aft one point I had firearms that were used in every war going back to the Revolutionary war to Vietnam. Unfortunately I had to sell them to move. My collection is growing. I am also big into first aid. I want to start the EMT-B classes after my surgery. That's it for me. I hope I can be of some value to you guys. I may be the weakest link but I don't give up. I will go until I collapse. I try to do the right thing for the right reasons.

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