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  1. HI SMae, I'm a new fellow "My Militia" member here on Hilton Head.  I wanted to let you know you have another now. I am trying to organize other concerned friends and citizens and express that safety comes in numbers only. I am starting to have small meetings with friends. I think I might do a flyer campaign so I can find others that have the same concerns. lets face it, this mob hates capitalism and wealth and if they just figure out that we are a great target for having an Island of their own......They will come in numbers. Please respond wether you agree or disagree.

  2. Hey fellas You want to talk about ANGER!?!?!?!? ----- When the shut downs started March 17th in the resort town where I have been living for the past 5 years 2 of which I have been working at the same resort, I was kept on in my position for an extra 2 weeks. I was laid-off on April 2nd. By April 11th I was on the road - I traveled under the protection of this amazing document called "The Constitution of the United States of America" I believe in my core in this document and what it means to me to have been born a free woman! The deciding factor on taking the trip was a visit with one of my doctors (I had been recovering from surgery)...I asked her, "don't you think it is too late for shut down measures? Haven't all of us already been exposed?" She raised her hands in the air, and said, "That is my point" BUT you see the Deep State silences people who don't agree. I have been through 15 states and as many if not more major cities - NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! Empty hospitals, empty schools, empty streets ----- I have hours of videos chronicling my travels. There were Marked differences between Blue States and what I have come to call the Free States. New Mexico exits were closed to non-residents, they imposed a weekend curfew on the Navajo Nation which spans across the four corner states. They told the Nation that it was to protect them from the "white man's disease" and they told the white folks it was because people on the Reservation were high risk because, you know "dirty native americans don't wash their hands" My great aunt has needed a pacemaker, but that procedure was cancelled until further notice. She is finally slotted for a pre-op appointment ----IN JULY. Her brother, my great uncle has dementia and was scheduled to be admitted to the memory ward at the V.A. - but these loves in my life live in a blue state and are still waiting. I questioned the CDC and WHO over and over and over.... I have not been sick, I have not worn PPE at any time, and I am still not sick. I am still travelling. And now documents are surfacing that support every single one of my "theories" regarding this fucking world health crisis HOAX! Which makes me even angrier. I returned to my town (in a Free State) and found things opening up rapidly, however, MY JOB, my position has been eliminated as our resort is not projected to be fully operational until March 2021 - What the FUCK?!?!? This situation is not unique to my life and I am one of the lucky ones who is receiving benefits. THE DIFFERENCE IS I WANT TO WORK, I WANT MY JOB BACK! Instead, I am out here in this great land trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do next....I have been applying for jobs all over this country since I was furloughed, and DO YOU KNOW HOW NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO GET A JOB WHEN THE NATION IS ON LOCK DOWN?????? I cannot even get an interview and let me tell you, I have an impressive resume that shows what a great asset I would be, but none of that matters anymore. AND NOW the DEEP STATE has started another RACE WAR
  3. This was nothing short of the Deep State wielding their power --- they used this cop, made him a deal, that dude and his cop buddies are going to disappear. They will be tied up as loose ends. They would be better off getting arrested, but they are not going to survive in any prison either after what they did. And for the record ---- SHAME ON ALL THOSE PEOPLE STANDING BY WITH THEIR DAMN CAMERAS! Honestly, what has become of us? I do not believe I could have just stood there and let this happen! NO f-ing way! The Deep State is losing the Corona Hoax as documentation becomes available..... so now they have to play their "race wars" card ---- Can we not all just get over this already????? This isn't about color anymore, this is about "the people" vs "corruption of power" The power, I remind you, that WE gave to them. I swear there should be a way to relieve every single official of their duty at once! This is way way way Out of Hand!
  4. I have read it word for word a lot lately... A government "for the people, by the people" and you are right "THEY" work for us. Our Constitution is the rules for them to follow, which they do not and have not. I believe in what it says, before they started twisting and adding and "deciding" what is best for us. I don't know about any of you, but I don't need an f-ing nanny. We did let them....but does that mean it's too late? we are just going to let them destroy us? Tear us apart with their new "tricks" and old? It is an election year. What do you all think this is really about? It's the magic trick - it's the illusion - it is the distraction from what they are really doing --- building their power and control over the masses. At what point do "We the People" and I MEAN ALL OF US stop and say NO MORE!
  5. wow. I feel like I am unconscious - that I was in some kind of accident and I am actually in a coma and this is ALLLL a horrific nightmare that doesn't seem to end. Then I realize, this is all really happening. No vaccine. No camp. "Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!" "America" by Samuel Francis Smith My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing;Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From ev'ry mountainsideLet freedom ring!My native country, thee,Land of the noble free,Thy name I love;I love thy rocks and rills,Thy woods and templed hills;My heart with rapture thrills,Like that above.Let music swell the breeze,And ring from all the treesSweet freedom's song;Let mortal tongues awake;Let all that breathe partake;Let rocks their silence break,The sound prolong.Our fathers' God to Thee,Author of liberty,To Thee we sing.Long may our land be bright,With freedom's holy light,Protect us by Thy might,Great God our King!
  6. I am all for capitalism ---- but this, what Big Daddy Pharma is doing is not only about ridiculous profit margins, it is about power which gives them CONTROL .... they have control over the medical industry and have made it untrustworthy --- it isn't about helping people anymore, and without getting into the conspiracy realm, as Forrest Gump says, "That's all I have to say about that"
  7. You do not need to make a profit to pay wages ------ have you ever heard of a non-profit? Wages are paid out of the bottom line as an expense... Profits are what the "Owners" take away. So while they are driving around in their million dollar cars the people who work for them have to work 2.5 jobs just to make ends meet.
  8. IN ADDITION. Now that more and more truths are coming out regarding the "skewed Covid statistics" I cannot believe that anyone would even compare this to POLIO, shame on you!
  9. Do you know what the biggest difference between then and now actually is????? I copied the following from your story "Note also: there were two vaccines discovered, one by a guy named Salk, the other by a guy named Sabin. Both American Jews. They gave their discoveries to the world for free" As long as DADDY PHARMA is making a buck off of their vaccines, I have ZERO reason to trust them! So in this instance, I will have to disagree ---- I received the following vaccinations in childhood - between 1975-1993 ***in a time when we could still trust that the medical profession was looking for and providing health solutions. Diphtheria--tetanus--pertussis 1970 Diphtheria--tetanus--acellular pertussis 1991 Measles--mumps--rubella 1963 (measles); 1967 (mumps); 1969 (rubella); 1971 (measles--mumps--rubella combined) The medical professionals are now run by the entities that stand to profit from the illnesses of the masses..... I am sorry but it is utter BS now!
  10. AS a "Truth Seeker"

    I get sooooo overwhelmed sometimes - I am sooooo tired!

    But I am still in the fight! knowledge is power! reading researching, going back to 2017 articles that all point to this "world crisis" being planned out..... like actual "battle plans" 

    This is psychological and biological warfare! Welcome to 2020! Stand up America! ask questions, find answers - seek truth

  11. "Clear the Mechanism" setting aside personal issues (pains) to do what needs to be done. "The Weirdos" believe in mind manipulation - brainwashing exists. Limit your exposure people! Choose your news carefully --- WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!
  12. Locate your local militia and trade emails sister. Get connected and join the revolution,,,, to the government you might not be essential believe me to us you are very essential.

    1. SMae


      My problem right now is that I am wandering. I am indefinitely laid off (AKA furloughed) and I am not one to sit around at home - I will not lock myself in an open cage when I have the protection from this amazing document called the Constitution of the United States!

      I have been on the road since April 11th. I do not know where I will end up. 

  13. I am a single white Christian Woman - I am neither left nor right I am a Constitutionalist! My only question for you is 

    WHY are you wearing a mask?!?!?

    If we don't push back on the little things, how are we gonna have the balls to stand up when things get really bad?!?!?

    To use the liberals' view point in defense of my own beliefs---

    "My Body, My Choice" 

    NO to Masks & Gloves!

    NO to social distancing!

    NO to 'their' vaccine!

    NO to staying home!

    NO to closing Churches!

    NO NO NO!!! 

    "NO means NO!!!!"

    If your employer is requiring masks, then talk to your bosses, the business owners! TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS PEOPLE! Fight the Fear! 



  14. I am going to have to adjust the files...they don't want to upload. I have been afraid to post them on more public venues. But I may have to in order to get them in here 😩

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