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  1. K5CCO Cochise

    Chris Cooksey

  2. I am a single white Christian Woman - I am neither left nor right I am a Constitutionalist! My only question for you is 

    WHY are you wearing a mask?!?!?

    If we don't push back on the little things, how are we gonna have the balls to stand up when things get really bad?!?!?

    To use the liberals' view point in defense of my own beliefs---

    "My Body, My Choice" 

    NO to Masks & Gloves!

    NO to social distancing!

    NO to 'their' vaccine!

    NO to staying home!

    NO to closing Churches!

    NO NO NO!!! 

    "NO means NO!!!!"

    If your employer is requiring masks, then talk to your bosses, the business owners! TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS PEOPLE! Fight the Fear! 



  3. My name is Chris, I’m in the Orange TX area. Just looking for like minded patriots.
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