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  1. A fellow patriot replied to a previous post of mine about the UCP uniform. His reply and reading his blog “How to Fight” has prompted me to question what should a mili look like? I am a veteran but a relative novice to the patriot movement. I am what I would consider to be in the research and development phase of this journey. I have read , researched and watched many videos on the subject. I am convinced there are many schools of thought on the militia and I believe on a national scale all these thoughts are valid and from this amalgamation what should the militia look like?
  2. I read your how to fight series. Excellent work
  3. I served 15 yrs . Active ,NG and reserves. Of the three I can honestly say that I got the most out of my time with the NG. I felt like the training was laser focused and cut through a lot of bureaucratic bs and training with soldiers in my community seemed to create a more cohesive unit structure. The reserves was a horrible experience. Lazy soldiers who believe training is preparing to pass a pt test and never maintain equipment or vehicles. Sidenote. The NG was infantry and the reserves was a supply company.
  4. The clothing and gear should be whatever works best for the environment you are in. Many schools of thought on the militia. There are many who choose to operate in cooperation and with the blessing of county sherrifs , local law enforcement and government officials. They choose to operate in the light and not darkness which was sop for militias in the past. In this case I can see the use of a uniform. I am interested in your writing you are working on but it should not be the end all.
  5. If you have recently retired army UCP digital camo clothing or gear, don’t toss it. Brent0331 has a great video on dyieng it with Ritz apple green die. The results are amazing.
  6. Hi I am a veteran and a constitutional patriot in middle Georgia interested in discussing constitutional topics and training for the common defense of our communities, state and country
  7. SGT. ROCK


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