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  1. Those who give up security for a little uptime will have neither security nor uptime. -Ben Franklin
  2. I would like to thank you for finally addressing the https concern I originally had. With that now resolved and a better idea of how you approach data security, I intend to participate more.
  3. Thanks for making the website faster.

  4. How many spare parts do you have on hand for your guns? When an extractor decides it no longer wants to extract, a magazine spring breaks, a sight post breaks/falls off your gun, do you have a contingency for this?
  5. Over the years, I've looked at a lot of study tools to help my self get my radio license and help others get theirs. At this point in time this is the best and easiest way to study that I have found: https://hamstudy.org/ Free registration, web based flashcards that keep track of your progress and provide you with explanations for the answers. Once you consistently get 80% on your quizzes, find your local HAM radio group and get their test schedule, pay the nominal fee, and walk away with a license. Now you can start practicing your radio skills before you need your radio skills.
  6. I figure that having enough ammo to fill all of my magazines 5 times is a sufficient amount of ammo to have. Exception: 22lr. Because you really can't have enough 22lr.
  7. Part of the problem of volunteer units like militias is that volunteers still need to get paid. Not in cash, but in recognition. Rank has been chosen by many as the obvious tool to reward participants even when in the end what you really are team leaders and team members. Perhaps some work could be made into standardizing a militia equivalent ranking system that does not use any currently active military grades. Create a series of levels and then assign viable titles for the milestones. Call the base level "Asset" and the top level "Executive." It mixes a bit of business and military, but this works rather well for the non-combat situations militias are generally in. Transitioning from unorganized militia to organized status can be done with ICS titles such as Strike Team and Task Force Leader. This sort of structure I think would lend more credibility to militias by doing multiple things: 1. Showing respect to the active duty forces by not using their earned ranks 2. Rewarding volunteers by recognizing their training and contributions 3. Showing that by following the standardized ICS templates for incidents, in an actual emergency these militia units can be called upon by state governors and actually get some real use out of them, providing further legitimacy 4. In the event of the fertilizer hitting the oscillator and no regular forces left to speak of, militia groups aren't posturing with each other over whose General is more General-like than the other These thoughts brought to you by my own philosophical conundrums after wearing officer insignia in the Civil Air Patrol, and the thoughts on the differences between what that means for us vs what that means for active duty Airmen.
  8. S&W Model 19 S&W M&P R8 Taurus Judge FN FNX-45 Glock 20C Stoeger Cougar AR-10 Ruger 10/22 takedown K-31 I'm still undecided on shotguns. But the above is my list for handguns and rifles. I own everything else I want.
  9. From your beginnning A+ and N+ certifications to the CISSP, the DHS is sponsoring FREE training and course completion certificates for veterans of the US military. The courses are mostly vendor neutral with the occasional vendor course (like Cisco courses. Sorry, no MS courses.) https://hireourheroes.org/veterans-training/ Anyone interested in upping their game to include the digital battlefield should take these courses. (Verification of service is done via the TroopID id.me platform.)
  10. I am aware of the several historical and current issues that have hit HTTPS from the openssl silliness to the NSA recording silliness. To be quite honest, I'm less concerned about the NSA and more concerned about the hackers out there that monitor multiple online forums, hack and dump multiple databases, and do cross analysis to unmask real identities. A lack of concern about HTTPS lends me to believe that other items may also be lacking, like proper encryption and hashing of database passwords. This may be completely unfounded, but it is the impression that I get left with. The outlay for HTTPS is also not nearly as great as it used to be. But if you think the cost is too great, set up a donation tier called "digital guardians" or something that will fund the HTTPS certs once sufficient people join that tier.
  11. I apologize, but your information on the need for SSL is outdated. The major need for SSL is now to prevent wholesale tracking and analysis of individuals on the internet who prefer to avoid such tracking. The government explains it better than I can: https://https.cio.gov/everything/
  12. http://www.zidaho.com/ has a very active firearms classifieds section.
  13. I'm here! Please be aware that this site doesn't have https properly set up: https://mymilitia.com/ I may be interested in participating more once the security concerns are addressed.

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