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  1. I can make that date. Just send me a time and location.
  2. I do reside in NC. Currently in Cary. My objective is to help in any way possible to build this group and get it to a state of readiness. While I am currently in horrible physical shape, there are many other ways that I can help get an organization up and running. I will get back in fighting shape eventually, but at my age, it will take time. Most likely a year.
  3. Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day. While I am in no shape to "train" with a militia group. I would like to help in any other way that I am able. All the while, working to get back in shape. While in the Navy, I was an electrician and worked to keep the generators and other equipment working so that our ship was always ready to fight. If you all plan for a meet and greet event anywhere in the triangle area, shoot me a note.
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