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  1. That's good to hear, I hope they make it and turn into a viable force that a legitimate Constitutional authority could turn to in an emergency.
  2. Leadership was a problem. Don't get me wrong, the past leaders are great guys and I'm still friends with them but they couldn't stir an empty pot. There was never any drive by the membership to gather and train, no attempt at medical, tactics, comms, etc. by the leadership, you could get them together at a restaurant in a decent number but not in a field to ruck or practice field craft. It wasn't any one person's fault I don't think but it was increasingly evident that it was a facebook group more than it was a militia if I'm making sense. I am a cable lineman/splicer so I work out of town the vast majority of time and out of the 5 or 6 meetings I was aware of I made 3 over the 3-4 years I was in it. Of those, one was just me and one or two other APIII members who met up with a handful of East Coast Patriots for a stand around and the other was a restaurant meetup with a good turnout, then we all went to shoot a bit and the same three were there. Me and the two previous leaders...all the rest ate and dispersed. You can't build unit cohesion like that. My son (in law) is a LR cop, I here him brag about the reason they will win against any uprising is superior tactics. I love the boy but their tactics are crap and yet they probably, sadly, do get more range time and tactical training than the Patriot Militia. Where do we fit in between a riotous mob bent on anarchy and destruction and a power drunk police force? We can gather food during food drives for veterans and all that jazz, wave flags at Confederate memorials but that's not getting us any closer to the goal of being the Constitutional military force we are supposed to be.
  3. I watch your YouTube videos, good stuff and thanks.
  4. I'm here. My name is Brent. Going on 53, 6'1" 235 pounds and my ideal weight at 30 was 215. Aside from that I'm just looking for who is around me, a network is going to be a good thing to be a part of sooner rather than later I believe. No prior military service due to asthma which was a shame because with pocket epinephrine I could out run guys that went to basic over the summer when I was in school, distance and sprint. Not so much today but I would make a nice placeholder.
  5. Hi, my name is Brent and I'm here to check out the site and possibly connect with other Patriots.
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