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  1. Our church has greeters and ushers that are very aware of any "new" faces. We also have a county sheriff on property during our services in radio communication with the ushers. And although our town, Peachtree City is a very quiet place this can happen anywhere. We also have some that do CC for just an occasion
  2. When I try to see the other pages nothing happens. All I can see is page one. So I guess I'll just check in here and see what happens.
  3. I have voted to go on. I have been blessed not only by the tribulations I have gone through, but as a result of them have learned, been helped, been able to help others and have been rewarded in many ways. At some of the times we may wonder why, but the Good Lord knew us all even before we were born, knows what is going to happen in our lives and lets us decide what we are going to do with those lives. God bless all.
  4. Diehard556


  5. Checking in also. Peachtree City, GA Fayette County.
  6. Howdy and welcome. I had some acreage, but lost it. Good to hear about your set up. Stay safe and God bless.
  7. I always refer to myself and others like minded as Patriots.
  8. Got an email to post here. So here I am, but it looks like it has been a while since anyone else has. Let's go.
  9. I wish there would be a breakdown in the electronics most of society has become so addicted to. People would have to become more in touch, face to face. I know it also would mean bad things would happen, but maybe it would just the kick in the pants society needs.
  10. Sent in a request for NE GA militia, but have not heard anything yet. Could you update me? Thanks.

  11. I agree some of it wasn't the best. One good item was that the reporter admitted her opinion of militia was changed. I think she could have picked a better group to interview and more talk instead of all the tactics shown. I would like to see her do another.
  12. Was on CBS for 2 nights. She looked at the Alabama Security Force. First one was ok, but second one was a disappointment. Was mostly positive, but could have been more informative. http://www.cbs46.com/story/36902437/militia-barbie-going-inside-armed-security-force http://www.cbs46.com/clip/13930547/militia-barbie-ii-going-inside-armed-security-force

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