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  1. Right on brother!!!

  2. War zone you got that right 

    1. Olddavid


      Are you getting prepared? Storing food and essential items?

    2. JAC


      Yes working on it. Live in a small apartment and don’t have much storage area but getting what we can some suggestions on essentials would be great

    3. Olddavid


      Toilet paper of course. Fire starter material. Drinking water. Long storage foods(meaning your favorite foods).  Invest all you can now because prices are already rising. Hoard things that can be traded.  Look around at what you have and get more of it. Defend your fridge. That where the fight will be.

  3. Mornin brother

    1. Olddavid


      Greetings from warzone Memphis.

  4. I am seeking to communicate with other 901 members

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