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  1. @ Megatron I am armed and ready in Ohio. Soon to be Texas in 12 months. Couldn't have said it better, live as a slave or die as a warrior 👊 For this topic, yes I believe we are being enticed to start a civil war. What I don't agree with is underestimating the American people to take overthrow, take back, and return this country to it's traditional beliefs. I'm not saying slavery, etc. I'm saying a country where people wouldn't even think about rioting in the streets and destroying someone else's property without knowing they will be dodging rifle rounds from the armed citizens. We have become a nation filled with pussies and people that let others dictate how to live their life. If Americans stand together and fight together, we are an indestructible force and would run over anything in our way. We have to much pride, love for country, guns, bullets, and a hatefulness for being told how to live. Stand and fight or kneel and run. Those are your only two choices. I'll chose to fight every time.
  2. Went to a protest in Sandusky, Ohio yesterday. It was peaceful, but they walked down the busiest highway in the area and stopped all traffic. What was interesting though, I saw a giant luxury bus with Washington DC plates and the destination on the front of the bus said Washington DC. I've never seen a bus like that in that area in my entire life and it was down where the protest started. Makes you wonder 🤔
  3. Just went to a protest in Sandusky, Ohio. It was peaceful besides rumors of antifa bringing bus loads of people here. The protest blocked the major road going through the city and protested by the lake. Majority were kids. Hopefully riots will not occur.
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  5. I'm in Ohio and looking for anyone that wants to help police officers and local businesses stop these protesters. I'm in the Cleveland area. Feel free to reach out to me directly, [email protected]

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