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  1. I like how most people who are saying #WendysIsOver say they already dont like the food. There are a plethora of companies who have supported trump in some form or fashion. Let me eat the hamborger with the buds.


  2. Have been very interested in WW2 Era boats for a long while


    It's nice to have visual representation of events that happened through cute mascots. I have learned alot of history from

    doing research from the Kantai collection. (艦隊これくしょん, Kantai Korekushon, lit. "Fleet Collection"). I have been working on some 

    art of my own and stories to go with it. Writing and drawing is one of my passions in life. Historical events of war also interests me. 

    The best part is there are thousands of characters you can create works with. My favorite are mostly the german ones, since they have

    the most concept art on websites like Gelbooru and pixiv.

    Below: Warspite (left) Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship, (right) German Submarine RO500 formally U boat U511No photo description available.

  3. Prinz Eugen the ship 

    German cruiser Prinz Eugen - Wikipedia

    Character equivalence

    Artwork by hakusai ponzu, Tags: hakusai ponzu, prinz eugen (kantai collection), kantai collection, highres, 1girl, :d, aqua eyes, black legwear, black skirt, blonde hair, eyebrows visible through hair, gloves, hair between eyes, hat, long hair, long sleeves, low twintails, military, military uniform, open mouth, peaked cap, pleated skirt, skirt, smile, solo, thighhighs, twintails, uniform, white background, white gloves,

  4. Bismarck the ship

    German battleship Bismarck - Wikipedia


    Character equivalence 


    Artwork by mutou (94753939), Tags: mutou (94753939), bismarck (azur lane), azur lane, 1girl, aiguillette, black legwear, blonde hair, blue eyes, cape, fur-trimmed cape, fur trim, hat, iron blood (emblem), iron cross, long hair, military, military hat, military uniform, peaked cap, solo, thighhighs, uniform, younger,


  5. am doing good wbu


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    2. Mistress Bado

      Mistress Bado

      Im new as well. Ive gotten better at English since I moved to the US. Very nice to meet. :D

    3. Viper42


      Right on welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave.. nice too meet you as well. Hope all is well on your end in this crazy time haha 

    4. Mistress Bado

      Mistress Bado

      could better worse. Haha.

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