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  1. Adam Pack, Peterstown WV, approx. 5 miles up and alongside 219 North from Peterstown. 25 Yrs., non-military, non-police. I regularly train my skills in both rifle and handgun, greatly appreciate and need the tutelage of some of you veterans there, as well in survival, tactics, etc. Basically about as civilian as civilian can get but I am armed, ready and willing.
  2. Male 25, Peterstown WV. Looking for militia to join. Have beginner (approx. 500 rounds in training) rifle and handgun skills. Am willing to train with/be trained for community/civil defense. Not an EMS, not ex military, and do not claim to be some Operater X Badass type. Just an armed, concerned citizen looking for like minded people to help defend our rights and communities.
  3. Adam P.


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