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  1. You are correct on several points but a couple you should...we should explore further. Hooking up with some fellas here is a good start. Find your state roll call and join there. Stay informed here and in credible news sources. Contact me anytime you want to. I don't have all the answers but with the help of knowledgeable Patriots here we can figure it out. Follow blogs or articles here for info and thoughts. Be safe, be at ease but be prepared.
  2. No matter the starting issue or the intent and inspite of a designated for, it is we, everyday joe who must decide that our Republic and way of life are worth fighting and dying for. Our goal now should be to prepare for the eventuality that America will come under a more defined attack by outside forces inbedded in our government, military and society in general. Communist and Islamist both destroy from the inside until blatant force can be used. Part of our preparations need to be education and ,for lack of a better word, propaganda . We must "enlighten " the patriot to recognize subversive actions and report them to individuals who can counteract the subversive's actions. We need organization and support on a national level. We must have a means to train an "action" group or groups to be able to be sent to hot spots to identify and quell subversive players. This is gonna take time, money and commitment. I believe we must actively educate and train our Patriots to be able to fight a soft civil war. We must be able to win over the masses or at the very least create support for our efforts. I have read both Wnter Patriot and Texas Trucker's articles and agree with both in part. I think we can discuss ideas and behaviors all day but now is the time for action. I truly believe the vote in November will be an ignition point for more terrorism from inside. I believe we will see more violent actions and they will be more widely dispersed this time. We must work now before events happen that we all agree will come. Please give me your thoughts on this.
  3. If blue helmets...UN...ever set foot on American soil it's war.
  4. You said a mouthful brother. As soon as we show up armed cops will swarm us. The leftists are allowing this mob but they won't tolerate a right wing gather with arms. Come November, if all law breaks down, it will be a different story. I believe that we should be preparing like we already got our orders and the report date is November 3rd. As you prepare I think we should also be making local contacts with law enforcement, fire and rescue etc...ham radio enthusiasts. We may have very limited resources to communicate. I personally am going to try and get out the vote by doing a registration table and anything else I can do...rides etc... but here is my personal opinion, come November 3rd or 4th whoever wins the otherside isn't going to accept it. If we win I guarantee you the mob will be livid. We may see random acts of violence in places it has reached before. We may need to work hand in hand with LEO. So get to know your first responders. Keep a line of communication open with them. As the political climate heats up be prepared for new recruits. Now is the time to prepare. Let's get this in high gear. Sitting on the couch won't get it. Every patriot needs to be working on preparedness when your not at work. Some of us have more time we can invest. Find that retiree or disabled person in your group and get them to work. CO's stay on it. Your group needs you leadership now more than yesterday. Comms, Intel, supply SGT. There is much to do and only 140 days to get it done. If this blows over you are prepared for the next date because believe me it is coming. "Winter is coming. " we just aren't sure of the date.
  5. Myself and others have proposed the same. We aren't keyboard warriors but finding a mutual time and place can be challenging. But yes this is very important. November is coming whether we are ready or not. To quote a show....Winter is coming
  6. Thank you for your response will let you know.


    1. TEEBONE


      I am well prepared, body amor, lots of guns and ammo, soon to come urban Camo outfit, in typhoon , and green Camo also.day and night!



    2. papaC62


      That's great. More than I have at present. Don't forget food and water, batteries, fuel, camping gear, all that survivalist/ prep gear you been thinking about.  Get a plan in place with your family...where to meet if it happens fast....we must be able to defend ourselves but without the other stuff you will have to spend time and endanger yourself to scavenge.  Get enough for at least 72 hours. If your bugging in have a bug out location already scouted in case you need it. Get with your members and formulate action plans to be used then and now. Treat this like your life depends on it because it might. Good luck. Anything I can do to help just let me know. 

  7. You're right brother. One thing we must do is set up secure comms. Anytime you want to talk or work on an idea.... [email protected] 6206036052...November is coming quick. I believe SHTF on 3rd no side will be satisfied with the vote. Prepare .
  8. Having some health issues. Will try and make the next one. Thanks. And thank you for all you are doing. It's tough when you get old and beat up. But I still have a warriors heart.
  9. I believe that militias within the state should make every effort to at least come alongside each other...they should regularly meet in some fashion and should train together. Egos have to take a backseat to what's best for those you serve. After all it is about serving not playing Rambo on weekends.
  10. Good article. There really has to be active recruiting. We must get people in our own areas to understand why we have a militia and how they can help. I will be following along with the posts. Thank you. Good work!
  11. Todd, I only wish I were closer. Sounds like a great idea! If there is anything I can do from here I am your man. We need info like that and you're just the guy to get it done. Thanks for your intentionality to share the knowledge you have amassed over your career. Just let me know...Have you looked into Bluehost or Wix? Ok...I'll be ready...
  12. If anyone in Barton County that is not affiliated let's get together. [email protected] (620)603-6052
  13. I understand the same thing...a strawman group...one of the survivalist groups I subscribe to on YouTube says the same.

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