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  1. Hello XGeo,

    Please email me at my secure and encrypted email, my address is [email protected]

    We live in a small town 35 miles west of CR on 30, but we go to CR often. Our daughter has a home in CR, and our son has a home in Marion.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. What I AM THINKING Doug is that there are ALREADY a Regiment of those that think like ME if you want to sit on your ass and WAIT another FIFTY YEARS to win the Hearts and Minds it will be TOO LATE. if we WAIT 50 MONTHS it will be TOO LATE if we WAIT 50 WEEKS it may be TOO LATE, the Constitutional Republic will be GONE FOR EVER! The Militia will NOT WIN the DEMCOMS OVER.... EVER..... and PERIOD! But LAW ABIDING AMERICANS WE WILL! I SAID REPEATEDLY...DOUG...If we went to CHAZ it would be to KEEP PEACE! NOT TO SHOOT PEOPLE ...UNLESS.. THEY SHOOT FIRST then it is SELF DEFENSE. I SAID...Militia should RECORD every SECOND at EVERY BLOCKADE CHECKPOINT. If you THINK I AM ALONE in this here is message just posted on FACE BOOK The Militia CAN WIN Americas Hearts NOW by PEACEFUL Protest AGAINST the ARMED Communists that BARRICADED themselves in an AMERICAN CITY By CONTAINING THEM Nothing IN Nothing OUT! DO I GIVE two CRAPS about SEATTLE? NO! Do I Give TWO CRAPS about WASHINGTON STATE NO! It wont be long and the DemComs will want to CHANGE THE NAME of the DAMN STATE! I understand the Leaflet drop.... FINE! GOOD IDEA!...... BUT ADD We are GIVING you GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS Notice that we intend to COMMENCE an Operation to Blockade the Law breaking Fascist Anarchists, Bolshevik Communists, and Nihilists By not allowing any one or anything IN or OUT PEACEFULLY Until they surrender YOUR CITY! These people that have not paid one dime in taxes and have taken defaced, and vandalized TAX PAYERS Streets, Public, and Private buildings, and subjecting YOUR citizens that Reside inside to an ARMED OCCUPATION! It must Not STAND in our Constitutional Republic Of the People For the People BY the People! Tyranny and Terror is NOT the Seattle way, the Washington Way, nor the AMERICAN WAY! What theses Fascist Communist Anarchists Lead by an ARMED WAR LORD Named RAZ SIMONE are doing is NOT PEACEFUL PROTESTING it is a Declaration of WAR! ******************************************************************************************************************************** 24 Hrs later Militia takes its position at the Blockade Checkpoints in protest against the Occupation! ******************************************************************************************************************************** I do not know WHO posted this warning, what group or Organization(s). OR if it is even REAL, but if it is the 24 hr window is OUT, and the END of the Fascist Commies coming to an END. If ANYONE knows anything more about it PLEASE Contact me. I am going over my Mission bag and preparing for it if this is REAL! Start printing your leaflets Doug I will see they get distributed... Gray man as you suggest. We will know within 48 hrs give or take if this is the REAL DEAL! So start Saddling up Militia PATRIOTS! If this threat (Warning) occurs as I ALSO OUTLINED and ENDORSE TACTICALLY and it WORKS. The sideline sitters and hand-wringers...DOUG...Will look mighty foolish! "NEVER LET THE LEFTIST DemComs SUPPORT of an Occupied Insurgency go to waste!" Grizz
  3. Doug1943, Can I call you Doug? FIRST.. I get the analogy BUT Italy disengaged ONLY BECAUSE we BEAT THEM! They had NO ARMY LEFT and they Murdered Mussolini. Even IF soldiers had fired the rules of engagement AT THAT TIME would have protected them. REGARDLESS of what some Colonel or Brigadier said, if the enemy is armed and on patrol they are combatants. SECOND... The Mayor of Seattle has already SAID the Occupiers are "PATRIOTS" her words not mine. That they are having a "LOVE FESTIVAL" I am old enough to REMEMBER Woodstock and I do NOT RECALL those Hippies painting graffiti on the sides of farmers Barns, fences, or buildings in the little town. NOR do I REMEMBER seeing one single ARMED Hippie with an AR-15 or AK-47 Rifles and Glock pistols etc etc. What I DO REMEMBER is a bunch of Hippies Skinny dipping in the lake, taking bad acid and smoking a butt load of Grass while listening to some of the best musicians and music of the 60's. Music that I HAVE in MY Playlist, on CD, and yes, records. So if these ARMED Bolsheviks are PATRIOTS and can take over the City Government Building and a Police precinct I DO NOT BELIEVE the Police would arrest a Militia that went there NOT to START a war but to Contain the Bolshevik insurgents the Militia EQUALLY Armed BUT WITH music and wearing THESE patches in solidarity with First Responders. (Police). contrary to any order the Mayor might give. I agree there is no Coordinated Militia NATION WIDE and about DAMN TIME there IS. Wringing our hands and worrying about being ARRESTED when the WAR IS HERE and NOW in my opinion makes me wonder why anyone would ONE...Join a Militia ..TWO.. Join a Militia Forum unless to TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, when you can DO THAT on Facebook, Twitter or GAB. SOMEONE has to take the initiative and the LEAD or TALKING and WORRYING ABOUT GETTING ARRESTED is tantamount to SUBMISSION to Communist rule and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic! The Founders ALSO faced Fear of being arrested by the Brits. DID THAT STOP THEM? YES it has to be smartly done with clear rules of engagement but IT CAN BE DONE! THEY ...the Bolshevik Insurgents and their Fascist War Lord leader Raz Simon would have to fire FIRST! Having everything at every checkpoint recorded 24/7 is what would help protect Militia AND serve as training and recruitment! After re-reading this before posting let me say Doug1943 I am NOT questioning why you are here it is a simple statement, there are those that just want to Pontificate about the what a Militia should or should not do and there are those that want to move the Militia FORWARD to the FRONT LINE. I am That kind of guy. What is happening NOW in Seattle would be the PERFECT opportunity to use the cover of the DemComs Hypocrisy to advance our movement and take THEIR Declared war to them... in my opinion. "NEVER LET THE LEFTIST DemComs SUPPORT of an Occupied Insurgency go to waste!" Grizz
  4. Kevin Askew.. is RIGHT Occupy Wall Street lasted a YEAR and THEY ONLY HAD A PARK! This Fascist Warlord Raz Simone is NOT going to give up his new Country EASILY. I just heard a DemCom Say on Martha MacCullum that armed Police are just LOOKING for a REASON to use their weapon! So is THE FASCIST WARLORD RAZ SIMONE who is carrying an AK-47 LOOKING for a REASON to USE HIS WEAPON? Of COURSE HE IS. We can TALK, TALK, TALK, or get a COMPANY of MILITIA and head for Seattle!
  5. Exactly Tim reading many books and watching countless HOURS of Ancient war tactics on History, American Hero's, and Military Ch. weren't for NOTHING! 👍 It looks to me without a detailed map there are about ten streets say 5 Militia at every block (checkpoint) to prevent anyone IN or OUT. About two platoons with relief of 100 men/women and Special Ops to enter undercover to cut electricity building by building and create general chaos. A Company of 200 would be great for backup if the Armed DemCom Bolsheviks and their Fascist Warlord Raz Simone gets Squirrely. How I would LOVE to see a Tippman Gatling gun with at least 1000 9mm rounds at every checkpoint, but we would need a VERY NICE and wealthy Benefactor at over $4 Grand each Plus Glock Mags and Ammo.😁
  6. Doug1943 That is an EXCELLENT Idea I would like to add it would (probably) be better to embed some of our Younger Members beating them at their own game within their own ranks. By the look of the map and the post that they may be running low on food etc. I figure if their were a minimum of FIVE Militia at each street entering into (CHAZ) not to confront but to prevent anyone from entering OR leaving. thereby STARVING them out. Any Militia that has an Special OPS team(s) could Mission in to destroy electrical, building by building. The HEAT and Loss of lighting at night would cripple them. I figure a Company of Militia (200) could do the job as relief and back up if the armed Fascists get squirrely. I do not call them ANTIFA because they are NOT ANTI anything except ANTI Constitutional Republic. They are DemCom (Democrat Communists) Bolsheviks and the leaders of this group are Fascists Warlords. PERIOD! Time to load the Trucks as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Frankly WE should surround them with the Militias from all over the country and not allow them to gain ONE MORE YARD thereby STARVING them Out. All while Conducting raids to shut down power and turn off water burn their tents etc. The Heat and cutting off ANY kind of supply line would put a FAST END to them as they cry all the way home to Mommy. THEY started this war It is up To US to end it!
  8. That I understand and agree. I was asking DPE REZ where HE saw the things he accused law enforcement of.
  9. And WHERE exactly did you SEE law enforcement beat Elderly, Young Girls and INFANTS DPE REZ? Proof of such an alleged assault by LAW ENFORCEMENT is REQUIRED just SAYING so doesn't MAKE IT SO.
  10. Hello, I am from Cedar County, also looking for a group to join or to start a local East Central Iowa Militia. I am 62 but plenty of fight still in me. If we don't take a Stand NOW, it will be to late to save our Constitutional Republic that is dissolving right before our eyes. I do not say that lightly and I am no wacko. I am a REALIST!
  11. Freedom Fighter 62 years old,The Next Civil War will not be the South against the North. It will be Democrat Communists or what I have coined (DemComs) against Conservatives. They have embedded themselves deeply into nearly every aspect of our society their is only ONE WAY left to save our Constitutional Republic FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! It WILL require BLOOD, GUTS and BULLETS! Time to UNITE or PERISH to a Communist Regime NEVER to be FREE AGAIN!  We will have to be  MORE SAVAGE and even BARBARIC as THEY ARE and have proven to be in this last round of assaults in our cities in EVERY STATE in America. The beatings, Burning and Pillaging even murders has shown how brutal THEY can be WE MUST BE TEN TIMES WORSE to STRIKE FEAR INTO THE LEFTISTS and CARE for OUR OWN.  I did not WANT this fight I did not ASK for this fight but THEY HAVE!  Because THEY HAVE  we have been left with TWO CHOICES ...SUBMIT...OR...FIGHT BACK! When Words nor Votes no longer matter and it has become CLEAR and OBVIOUS  they don't our Founders REQUIRED  of us to SAVE OUR REPUBLIC  and THIS IS Was the CONSTITUTIONAL God Given MANDATE they GAVE US!

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