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  2. Snakes........hate them! Once the weeds gets to growing after the shtf, what is a good method to keep them from slithering into your life?

  3. Happy this evening and doing well in my little neck of the woods.

  4. Anybody ever heard the best offense is a good defense? My high school football coach summed it up pretty well I think. Lay low and make your plan based on the utter confusion going on around you. One thing must remain consistent. What that is......is up to you. My consistency will be to stay alive and keep my family alive, then once all the stupid has elimanated itself, establish comms, regroup with my brothers and sisters and survive.
  5. Thank you Mark C. Happy to be apart of the group.
  6. Excellent idea and package. Everybody shouldn't wait on the give away though to have these items on hand now. Good luck to everyone.
  7. Happy to be hear and thanks for having me.
  8. Huntington in Wayne County. Fire, EMS and Rescue background. Avid shooter, hunter and fisherman. Been prepping since I lost my hind end in 2008. Would like to join the OVM to find like minded individuals to chat with and train.

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