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  1. I am located up north by Duluth. If your interested we can start a squadron up here
  2. I am new to the site and am looking for an active group. I have a family and when I am with my job I am away for 20 days at a time as I work in the oil field. I am active and am ready to do what is needed. Please message with any info on active groups
  3. I hope everyone is safe and doing good. If there is anything please don’t hesitate to ask
  4. Are you guys still active as I see last post was in 2019. I don’t have Facebook as I refuse and I was hesitant in joining here as I like to keep my info off line I am interested in joining with like minded people just don’t know who is all out there hence why I joined
  5. Is there anyone or group still active. I am in the Grand Rapids area and looking to join/ be recruited.
  6. Dloc


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